Description Remove the rumen normal in two weeks


The recipe to remove the rumen in two weeks via the site content, which is of the most common problems suffered by a large segment of people of different age groups, belly fat from the worst of faces of men and women alike, as they affect the beautiful shape of the body and its appearance is very bad, not only that, but this is not a problem many of the health damage which including cardiovascular diseases.

Proven recipes rid of the rumen

  • The first recipe which can be prepared by taking the amount equal of the following elements, fresh mint leaves, ginger, green tea., the Pomegranate peel crushed, and for the method of preparation, is put all these ingredients in the appropriate amount of water boiled, and eat this mix every morning on an empty stomach.
  • The second recipe, consisting of the right amount of lemon juice and lemon peel, half a liter of water, and are prepared by soaking lemon peel in the water and then add lemon juice to it, and then eat it on an empty stomach every morning.
  • The second recipeis prepared by adding a bead of fennel cut into the amount of areas of boiling water, then we bring out the blender, put some of the ingredients, and the juice of 2 lemons, and one tablespoon of ground cinnamon and one teaspoon of cumin seeds, after it is soak this combination in boiling water and then filtered and add the mix first, and then eat it three times a day.

A quick recipe to remove the rumen two weeks

Can get rid of the belly fat or the problem of the rumen by adhering to this natural recipe, which is:


  • One tablespoon of green tea.
  • A spoonful of crushed mint and quantitative of chamomile.
  • Spoon of rosemary
  • One tablespoon of ground ginger.
  • Two liters of water.

Method of preparation:

  • In the beginning is to put water on the fire and leave it until boiling.
  • Place all the herbs above in the boiling water.
  • Are left slightly then remove from the fire.
  • Feel free after that for an hour but almost a quarter are then filtered.
  • Is eating four cups of this mixture daily.

Natural ways to get rid of the rumen

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  • Pay attention to the quality of food intake, you must eat a lot of fiber and stay away from fat, carbohydrates, starches and sugars, fiber, help reduce the feeling of hunger, as they give a feeling of the possession of knowledge, and thus get rid of excess weight easily.
  • War on eating large amounts of protein because of its many benefits, the most important of which to lose weight, as it gives a feeling of satiety, and can be obtained from meat, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes, and other sources other.
  • Get away from the stress and nervousness and to avoid exposure to agitation severe, because it has a negative impact on the body and may lead to open the appetite and eating large amounts of food.
  • Exercising regularly has a huge role in getting rid of excess weight and remove the rumen, especially walking.
  • Use some natural oils which contain a small amount of fat such as coconut oil, as a substitute for normal cooking, which leads to weight gain and fat accumulation in the abdomen.
  • Need to get enough sleep during the night, with a commitment to eating ample amounts of water.

We have now provided you a recipe to remove the rumen normal in two weeks, glad to have you with us through our site content, if you follow certain diet to lose weight tell us about it in a comment below this article.

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