Depression postpartum – how to protection of which

Postpartum depression can affect any woman, when you have women new baby especially if this baby is the first.

Or came after years of treatment, women will be very happy as that feeling of motherhood feel good to the maximum.

But it is possible that the mother feel the different types of bad feelings such as feeling anxious and stress.

The proportion of the presence of this feeling from one woman to another, there is a mother scared for her child from death.

Considered in cases the patient should immediately treat the mother so does not require with it the week after that the boss enthusiasm to conquer, especially if you came to this site after a trip treatment enough

There are, or feel this feeling will be present when most of the mothers, and these symptoms called postpartum depression.

اكتئاب ما بعد الولادة

The causes of post-partum depression

But at other times can this problem for a long time, and may require the committee to the psychiatrist to support the mother and assist them in overcoming the problem.

Of the reasons that lead to the injury of the mother with post-partum depression is due to changes that occur due to birth and also not to sleep for hours enough in the day, and also her fear of excess I have of her child.

All these symptoms are normal, start to fade gradually but if the these symptoms alone meal visit a specialist so it doesn’t take me more serious.

Methods of prevention of postpartum depression

There are some things that must be mother of the freedom I have to do it so you won’t get depressed:

  • Reduce sugars

May cause eating large amounts of sugar to serious consequences do not satisfy the mother such as increased weight.

Which leads to maternal depression and melancholy due to the occurrence of many changes in her body shape especially after birth.

Which leads to fluctuations in mood, so do the most trivial reasons.

So doctors are advised not to excessive intake of foods containing more sugar, such as sweets or chocolate. And must be replaced to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

  • Not to take painkillers

Lead the intake of painkillers to the low number of white blood cells in the blood, which leads to the vulnerability of the region shall be the body unable to resist disease.

As most of the painkillers lead to infections, and also reduce the amount of serotonin a neurotransmitter making the mother depressed.

Also lead to eat anything and diet and to many problems including obesity, and drinking alcohol and other harmful substances

The use of materials and exposure to smoke and other harmful substances that works for many infections.

All of these materials and products harmful can be replaced by eating healthy and doing more of the nutrients that provide the mother much of the nutrients that make them healthy and therefore will be less susceptible to post-partum depression .

  • Do some exercise

Doing such exercises is not only important for the mother after the birth but I have the individual public that happens every day a certain time practiced sports.

Where they work to improve the mental state and make the individual more active and will help me do some positive actions.

As also help me burn more calories and therefore losing weight.

Should happen the individual enough time daily to do running or walking for an hour a day, it helps to improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels.

It also works to help to extend an individual much of the energy needed to carry out its work, whether to study or other things that need to mental activity born.

  • Get enough sleep

Of the things that make it difficult for a mother to do after birth is to sleep, where I have a mother that is trying to balance between its functions so you can sleep.

The lack of sleep the number of hours that your body needs can lead to mental disturbance or depression.

It is possible to ask the mother help from her siblings or her closest friends to you.

اكتئاب ما بعد الولادة

  • Eat foods that contain anti-depression

There are foods that improve the mood and is compared with information depression, where it works as a drug treatment for depression as recommended by doctors downloaded instead of medication because they give the same result, including:

  • Fish that contains fatty substances

Recommended Psychiatrists eating such fish as they give the same result, which gives its pharmacological treatment.

Where to antidepressants contain omega-3 which is the same component fatty fish.

It is these fish: tuna, sardines, mackerel.

  • Eating food that contains pills

Such as beans and lentils and I eat foods that don’t contain white flour and be sure to eat foods containing white flour.

  • Eating nuts

Where that nuts contain nutrients that act as anti-depressants

  • Eating chocolate brown

Where that chocolate helps improve mood and Prevention of depression as pharmaceutical anti-depressants.

Because they work to increase the level of the hormone of happiness, and in spite of all these pros where they cause increased weight should be ingested in small quantities.

There are drinks containing herbs should be ingested heavily, to resist the depression because it works to remove tension and calm the nerves like a ring and star anise.

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