Dental ceramic

أسنان السيراميك

أسنان السيراميك

When you lose all or of certain parts of your teeth, then you have to resort to combinations of teeth, or put dental industry to maintain the outward appearance of your teeth, we’ll talk in this article about dental ceramic and its advantages and disadvantages also. So follow with us.

What are dental ceramic?

Is a combination of the combinations of the teeth that are placed to replace missing teeth, and are made of a material similar to glass as it is in the case are theteeth porcelain, and is placed after get rid of the temporary teeth present in the gums or installed on the broken teeth.

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Features of dental ceramic

Beautiful appearance

Feature a dental ceramic for the rest of the combinations of the teeth is normal, in that they give the appearance of a beautiful and attractive art, where the combinations of the ceramic does not allow the accumulation of the Army, as characterized by the appearance of transparent, giving the natural shape of the teeth.

Featuring combinations of dental ceramic on its ability to give light to the teeth such as the natural color of teeth perfectly white, as they do not need to metal trusses to install them in their places or inside the tooth.

Compatibility in appearance

When using the fixtures teeth ceramic to put it place of the broken tooth or inside it, they will take same shape of natural teeth, and do not derogate from or be smaller than him, this is a powerful feature for combinations of ceramic.

Compatibility with the tissues of the body

Compatible combinations of a dental ceramic with the living cells inside the mouth, and don’t think his immune cells from foreign objects, so it doesn’t attack it, and thus avoid the occurrence of infections and allergies.

The speed of installation of the dental ceramic

Usually when you use combinations of other teeth, you need to visit the doctor several times, but in the case of combinations of ceramic, you need to put in just one visit.

Other features:

  • Will not resort to interim arrangements.
  • Firming formulations dental ceramic in place for a certain period.

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Disadvantages of combinations of dental ceramic

Do not continue throughout life.

Where it is possible to break or move from their places, they are different cities in which combinations of ceramic inside of the mouth, and varies from person to person, so it does not move all kinds of solid foods, or extreme.

You can’t fix arrangements broken

As a result of poor strength of combinations of the ceramic when the process of chewing or grinding food, they learn to fracture significantly, and can be repaired but you should switch the whole composition the composition of the other, in order to avoid this disadvantage can the use of a mixture of ceramic with Zircon.

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How to make a dental ceramic

  • The doctor says to take the right measurements for your teeth on a mold of wax or plastic.
  • The doctor says to send the form which contains the articles of your teeth and mouth to the centres specialized in the manufacture of fixtures of the teeth.
  • You need to upgrade to about two weeks to be the industry your wares.
  • The doctor says arrange arrangements ceramic in your teeth during one visit only, after getting rid of the temporary teeth present in the gums.

Needs to be followed by the installation of a dental ceramic

  • The doctor should examine your teeth and mouth by mounting the the teeth, make sure they are free from any kind of injuries.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the teeth, the lack of generation between the teeth.
  • Get rid of teeth that are damaged by caries, get rid of the registry simple in the tooth.

Account teeth ceramic

  • Not eating solid foods, formula.
  • Maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Attention to the health of the gums and use mouthwash.
  • Use the brush and minerals regularly.
  • A visit to the doctor each period to confirm the absence of any break in the combinations of teeth.

At the end of the article, and after knowing the information you need about dental ceramic , and that you need to put in your mouth, you should always consult your doctor about appropriate alternatives for your teeth missing, which suits your health condition, or you can send your consultation to one of our specialists here.

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