Defect and free?

“Where Are you going to the people” is a common phrase used by parents to threaten their children to cease acts that may be free already, but you are really free to those in this age which is mostly less than the age of accountability?
And are you really going to push them to God’s people of their actions that they are mostly not age discrimination?!

And endoscopy to develop a divine punishment on children in this age is the cause of my writing this article, but the usefulness of it and the timing of its use and the impact on behaviour of children and the genesis of the concept of piety and surveillance is a concern of my first word My these.

Dear Father, dear mother, to be honest with yourself, maybe better than torturing a child to lie or the behavior is wrong and you know it well, but you’d save not information is incomplete, perhaps it is enough for the like of that act abhorrent… but “the end does not justify the means,” especially if the means will lead to the opposite of what you want the relationship between us and God our Creator is based on 3 essential pillars which are love and fear and hope; to love God and get out of his punishment and hope of his mercy… this is the picture full screen and not only on “fear”. But we as adults understand how easily God be merciful to the worship of the righteous and at the same time tops the mighty oppressors of the unbelievers, this is the image that carry the qualities of several God may be the difficult design I’ve got kids barely count their age on the fingers of one hand, or regarding it with a finger or two at the most. At the age of little thought to conceive a child the status of one of its Valkyrie for them are only round so that if the opinion of a watermelon may think its a ball in the first… is simply to “know” the thing in one, starting with the development of the tooth begins to add other recipes in the ball like knew later that it was lightweight and hollow, while the melon is heavy with food. Work you to make or adjective linking them in the mind of your son or daughter regarding God, that “the merciful Rahman friendly” it makes of the love of God eager to obey him and kissed him non-obtrusive qualities of the torment that will be them days when you know that God is merciful, but treated unjust, the unbelievers, and it’s not on the whole.

That you think your son will understand everything what you say him at that age, you’re wrong, but it’s mostly be impressions Olie what to be or his impression about God’s hate and fear… tell me about heaven and God’s tender and the protection of his person and of his bounty and grace, and May what you can at that point talk about people and suffering and you time don’t cheat him, he is not expensive, even if made close to him he is God of the righteous.

How do I do my child’s behavior?

First: I remind you Iran the tree of love by fear tree

Second: I used to Use custom, it is easier to say that it is of disadvantage that lie and that in our house we don’t lie. Enough to rely on to clarify what is desired and what is shunned, which is enough to describe him as a “defect”.

Finally: I remind you that your children will learn the love of God, his fear of you and your wife When be world peace in the house is saying God is actually in addition to learn to express verbally about the product clarification is like saying that we don’t remain poor because we love God and he is pleased this is of morals … say it, and you talk to your wife without showing you in the context of my speech… took advantage of the opportunity to talk to the words or guide the thrust by the praise of good behavior or the description of the behavior of obnoxious to be a defect…

God bless you in your boys and girls had you had happiness and contentment and love of Allah and his messenger

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