Darkness Visible

Tells the novelist about his own experience with depression patients
Emphasizes the fact, namely, that the title may be a constant “depression.”
However, the scenes of cohabitation vary from one individual to another.. each of them links to his superior.. that is hard to itch them, no matter what we have had.. Don’t like her right but sunken in …
Touched me this.. and remembered experience of my own.. read nine months after birth.. meeting me in that flood and left me fragmented, you look with wandering eyes on the face of the world and shout my silence:”no one here feels anything, no one.”

Horrible experience.. freaked out by the elder in the teacher who talked about the writer..
Fallen in a well of depression, the deep believe in the name Nuts that’s no way to survive … everything in his way the end is inevitable … maybe accelerate it by yourself for yourself..
Panic attacks remains something of an impact even after the success of his clutches…
I said one day to a colleague my nine months I have lived and I know I’m going to spend the rest of my life struggling to not come back for her.. and told her about the panic attacks didn’t go out sleeping problems. about the car.. what I consider to be a bad omen.

Didn’t you ask me my friend, Rudin about my opinion of the book I told her that I liked not I wait you more
Maybe the higher my expectations. because the author a novelist, and maybe I wanted to be patient on my behalf as I didn’t write about it at length yet, which degrees lesser in work stations.. and I’m done for a deeper meaning may not necessarily reality.. to drown out the people looking for because the book tells about a disease that makes all the things missing..

Everyone that the author wasn’t lying or walking around.. he clearly expresses the tragedy.. and the number of died because the monster was stronger.. even if the phenomenon of life, they do not disclose the rationale for their decision last completion
And honestly also deserves to be upheld by those who oppose what he saw, about the difference in the end
Have begun drugs come in effect, and the reservation hospital, including talking therapy sessions and treatment period to achieve a better result.

He says:”but the hospital presents to the patient is also a light shock and exhilarating on the non-public a shock stability, sudden, with his transition from the atmosphere of the House familiar very Has, which is dominated by anxiety and myths, to the case of the confinement region that does not hurt him, and as become his only responsibility is the recovery. In my case it was time and isolation are the healer of the two real. “

Begins to breakthrough all the.. on the tongue author:” it was at the beginning of February, and even though I was still confused, and I realized I had came to light.
I felt myself no longer a husk but a body, and started the blood running in my veins again, and I saw my dream, the first since many months, a dream confused, but he is immortal to this day, somewhere from the back of Naya, is Bree, the girl dancing”

And recovery everyone, express it tenderly among recent book :
” So we went out, and again were the stars”.

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