Darkening of the lips … why the color of the lips black? How do I get rid of this blackness

Skin except in the S lips, be a component of the 15 – to 16-layer cell, while the lip consisting of 3 – 5 layers, the skin needs except for the lip on the protective barrier protects against external factors and preserve moisture while the open lips of that campaign, so can encounter many problems, the most important being the darkening of the lips

If you suffer from darkening the lips there are a number of possible reasons may be pigmentation due to melanin and may be a reflection of the blood vessels in that area on the lip extremely thin layers may be the result of other factors, in a nutshell you: find the cause and deal with it – get rid of the darkening of the lips to access the natural – action on prevention.

Why do I suffer from darkening the lips and how to deal with the reason?

لماذا أعاني من سواد الشفاه وكيف أتعامل مع السبب؟

There are 13 reason leads to darkening of the lips may be one or a number of them is behind the case of the color of dark lips that suffer from it, is considered to determine and handle the most important steps to treatment and Prevention.

1 – dryness of lips – do you ignore drinking enough water?

Of course, the lips look much better and more healthy when wet, but does not include the barrier of skin preserves the moisture which is always exposed to the external harsh weather especially in the winter in addition to blowing air from the mouth for smoking and, most importantly, ignore all of the drink water and moisturize the lips, it all causes brought great for healing the dryness and the change occurs on the level of the skin and specifically the color appears drab and dark.

In contrast can cope with it through: make sure to drink about two liters of water a day – apply a moisturizing cream on the lips daily – avoid unhealthy habits, most notably smoking.

2 – unhealthy habits – are you addicted to any of them?

Unhealthy habits of the alcoholism and drug addiction affect on the lips a number of ways, notably:

  • Containment of these materials to a high amount of acidic ingredients, which negatively impacted on the lips and no dark spots and darkening.
  • The nature of the materials that cause the darkening of all of the lips, gums, tongue, and teeth.
  • Lips are characterized in thin layers of the skin making it more transparent than others and therefore, the color of blood capillaries is reflected and the color of the blood dark that is caused by those habits will appear in a transparent dark.
  • Pull moisture from the skin in general, which shows the beginning and clearly on the most sensitive areas of any in the lips.

In short we strive to adopt healthy habits and stay away Miles and miles from such negative habits.

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3. the cosmetics – what is the lipstick that you use?

Why do you have to make sure the lipstick you’re applying it in terms of the material component (must be natural) – duration and expiry date (must be within the specified period) – a way to save it and store it and all of its smell and strength of him.

Because the lips absorb those ingredients, unfortunately some types of lipstick not reliable contain chemicals, compounds and heavy like lead accumulate in the lips along with the types of lipstick failed due to poor storage and other all that leaves your lips in a big problem hiding behind the color of the lipstick Assembly.

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4 – melasma and hyperpigmentation – are you protecting your lips from the rays of the sun?

When it happens, hyper-production and welcomes the pigment melanin begins to melasma and dark spots appear, and the amount of excess of melanin, the excessive exposure to the sun is the centre most important not because the function of melanin in the foundation is to promote the protection of the skin from the sun.

Of course this Browning affects all areas exposed to the sun face neck hands and of course the lips, usually causes a darker color on the lip of the attic or appear in symmetrical spots dark without itching or a feeling of pain or rash.

So make sure to apply sun protection cream on your lips just as it is applied to the skin of your face, besides avoid going out at peak times relying on big hats.

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5 – fluoride toothpaste – are sure to clean your lips?

Of course we all want to get a perfect smile with teeth pearly white to the side of the mouth smell good, so is brushing your teeth 3 – 4 times a day relying on the stronger toothpastes and those that contain a proportion of the fluoride.

The problem is not in cleaning the teeth and in the type of minerals and contain fluoride in itself, the problem is that many people don’t say clean the lips and the surrounding area is well on the Weber and the interaction of ends and briefly every time you look at your teeth make sure to clean the lips after.

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6 – the accumulation of dead skin – when was the last time you peel the skin your lips?

In order to renew your skin and ensure her sparkle may peel once a week or every 10 days, but what about the skin of the lips? When was the last time you are peeling her skin? If you ignore this it means the accumulation of damaged cells and with the dust and impurities and residues of cosmetics and all that reflected negatively on their nature and the color appears drab black and rough.

But fortunately is peeling the skin of the lips is very simple all there is to cleaning brush the teeth of the metal well and then pass her on the lips gently several times nicely and then cleaned with water and repeat it every day.

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7 – lack of certain vitamins – what is your evaluation for your diet?

Lack of vitamins could be taken by the color and nature of skin as a sign of IT Index be to a lack of work on compensation, the vitamin B12 works to give the skin its color and thus a deficiency of this vitamin leads to a change in the color of the skin and is particularly turned to a dark color or black.

It is important to diagnose the deficiency of vitamins by the doctor who may prescribe supplements investigated vitamins in advanced cases, besides the importance of adopting a healthy diet ensures that you get the body what it needs from the elements, food in particular vitamins.

8. increase the intake of Iron – do you have a lot of iron?

Increase the amount of iron in the body the level natural you can be the most important reason in the darkening of the lips and the increase for a number of reasons the most important: take iron supplements – blood transfusions are rich in iron – a hereditary condition (lack of pigment blood hemochromatosis) what causes the body to absorb iron from the food in excessive quantities works to change the color of the skin.

In such cases the doctor to monitor the levels of iron and bring it back into balance continues to donate blood regularly – your doctor can prescribe some medications.

9. the side effects of some medications – do you take medication particular?

You can have some medicines side effects appear on the skin in dark spots and in particular the darkening of lips which are mostly made according to the categories:

  • Cancer treatment drugs that are classified as toxic for the cells.
  • Antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine chlorpromazine.
  • Antimalarials such as quinine sulfate sulfate quinine.
  • Anti select need such as phenytoin aviation.

It is necessary to discuss these medications with your doctor if side effects such as dark spots and loss the doctor works to change them.

10 – a hormonal disorder – do you suspect imbalance in hormones?

Have hormones great effect on the body as a whole and in particular on the status and health of the skin color, you increase or decrease hormones of the thyroid gland that leads to darkening of the lips in turn can be related to pregnant women during pregnancy to the excessive production of melanin due to hormones and it affects the color of dark lips – traffic periods of psychological stress – a disorder of the hormones during the menstrual period.

In such cases it is necessary to stress to the doctor’s office to make the necessary examinations and getting appropriate medication.

11 – allergies – may be the tools, lotions and foods reason

May be the darkening of lips is but the anaphylactic reaction the direction of a particular factor in this case is called (allergic inflammation of the lips less pigmented contact cheilitis) can be caused by:

  • Cosmetics and various materials that are applied on the skin and on the skin of the lips (lipstick – lip gloss…).
  • Fluoride toothpaste.
  • Skin lightening creams or hair dyes.
  • Certain foods: some types of tea, spices, herbs and other.

Are dealing with this case to stop the use or intake of the causative agent, can fade the manifestations of allergic reactions after a few hours in the case of continuing More be necessary to get the consult a doctor.

12 – installation and installation of teeth – are your teeth irregular?

The installation of the teeth and fitted the irregular in addition to dentures, bridges and calendar and other can cause wounds and sores on the lips and gums, which may leave dark marks after healing is getting its dark colour with exposure to the sun without protection.

It is important to deal with these wounds and in a safe manner and protect it from the sunlight later.

13 – some cancers – it is necessary to conduct tests

The presence of cancer on the lips is characterized by a number of symptoms and appearances which are:

  • The growth of irregularly.
  • Increase the speed of growth and the large size.
  • Ulcers bloody or key on the lips.
  • Red spots swollen.
  • The presence of tissue on the lips resembling scars.

Often they are dealing with cancer on the lip by surgery or by radiation or by freezing.

Methods and recipes to cure darkening of lips and get rid of them

طرق ووصفات علاج

Along with ways of dealing with the causes of a range of natural remedies that you can’t get rid of the darkening of the lips, namely:

1 – honey with lemon

Have honey the properties of a moisturizer, while lemon works to lighten spots dark.

  • Mix equal amount of both honey and lemon juice, and layer the mixture on lips and massage for a few moments and then leave it for 20 – 30 minutes, and then clean it with water.

2 – almond oil natural

Think a lot of ointments and care and treatment of the skin Almond Oil has moisturizing properties and nutrition it is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B2.

  • Distribute two drops of almond oil on the lips and few hours.

3. the rose water with honey

Besides moisturizing which is guaranteed by the Honey Rose Water will purify skin and lighten dark spots and will save you from darkening of lips.

  • Mix equal amount of both honey and rose water, a layer of the mixture on the lips with the massage for a few moments and then leave it for 20 – 30 minutes, and then clean it with water.

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4 – peeled sugar, oil

Sugar acts to exfoliate the skin and get rid of damaged cells while oil (preferably rely on almond oil or coconut oil or olive oil) ensures hydration.

  • Add a teaspoon of almond oil or coconut oil or olive oil to one teaspoon of sugar and massage your lips with batter and wait for about 10 minutes and then clean it with water and repeat it 3 – 4 times per month.

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5 – packs option

Cucumber works to stimulate the cells to regenerate and softens the color of skin dark in addition to nutrition and hydration, as it is rich in a number of vitamins most notably vitamin C.

  • You can apply slices of cucumber on the lips or you can mash the fruit of choice and distribute it and left it 20 – 30 minutes and then clean it with water, and repeat it daily.

6 – strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamin D in addition to the characteristics of the soil and the skin radiance and vitality.

  • The tops of the mashed one piece of strawberry and apply it on the lips and around 30 minutes and then clean it and repeat it almost daily.
  • You can increase its effectiveness by adding a few drops of almond oil or olive oil.

Don’t worry it’s not that serious. some of the steps included treatment in the decision to change unhealthy habits ensures the Prevention of the darkening of the lips primarily and other effects.

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