Damage to energy drinks and energy projects benefits?

Is the promotion of energy projects on a large scale as products that increase energy and enhance mental alertness and physical performance, and this is considered the beverage of the most common dietary supplements consumed by adolescents and adults. There are two products energy drinks, one is sold in containers similar in size to those of regular soft drinks, such as 16 ounces in the bottle. The other type, labeled “power shots” Fitch selling it in small containers contain 2 to 2.5 ounces of concentrated liquid.

The question arises is it true that energy drinks give energy and focus and body or is it a brand only!

What are energy drinks

The phrase about the drinks contain ingredients that raise the level of activity and alertness among the most important components:

  • The element of caffeine: hardly creates an energy drink of caffeine works on alertness and stimulate the mind.
  • Sugar: it is a source of calories.
  • Vitamin B: plays an important role in converting food you eat into energy the body can utilize them.
  • Derivatives of amino acids: occur naturally in the body and is important for many vital processes in the body.
  • Herbal extracts: more active and alert brain.

Damage energy drinks

Energy projects, especially when a lot of it a number of side effects which may affect more than one device, and this damage:

  • Damage energy drinks on the heart

Lead these drinks to increase in heart rate increase in blood pressure, and has also been linked with ventricular arrhythmias and the incidence of myocardial infarction.

  • Damage energy drinks on the blood vessels

Lead eating too much of these drinks to stimulate the activity of platelets which leads to their accumulation inside the vessels and thus increase the ratio of blockage of its.

A link was also made between the intake of these drinks and increase the incidence of infiltration and rupture of the large arteries and expansion.

  • The impact on the floor

Because they contain caffeine, these drinks to diuresis heavily and thus may lead to dehydration especially when used by athletes during the conduct of exercises for a long time or in a hot environment.

  • Damage energy drinks on the digestive system

Because they contain a large amount of caffeine which leads to increased chance of injury Bulcers of the stomach, as it may aggravate the symptoms of GERD for persons affected by it.

  • The increased incidence of obesity and diabetes

Containing energy drinks usually contains large amounts of sugar, ranging from 21 g to 34 g per oz. So the intake of energy drinks in large quantities may increase the risk of obesity and Type II diabetes. In addition, may reduce the high sugar content in energy drinks from the activity and genetic diversity of bacteria intestinal beneficial leading to increased risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome. In addition to that caffeine intake continuously reduces the response of cells to insulin, which can explain the rise in blood glucose levels after consumption of energy drink.

  • Its effect on teeth and bones

Because they contain large amounts of sugar and acids lost cause these drinks is decay in a tooth, as they increase the chances of developing osteoporosis.

  • Addiction

Of damage energy drinks they increase the chances of addiction and caffeine, especially in children and adolescents.

  • Eating large amounts of those drinks may lead to injury some of the symptoms temporary such as:
  1. Headache.
  2. Concern.
  3. Tremors in the hands.
  4. The inability to sleep.

The benefits of energy drinks

  • Work energy drinks to improve alertness and functions of the brain like focus, memory, as the consumption to energy project has the ability to raise the rate of focus and alertness by 24%
  • Ability to perform work without getting tired especially in the business Night with reduced sense of Sleepy.

What amount of energy drink that are considered a risk factor for health?

Generally recommended for adults should not exceed a consumption of about 400 mg of caffeine during the day, and actually keeps me from caffeine equivalent of one cup of coffee, but the problem is that energy drinks are sold in vials contain large more than me enough, add to it some contains an additional quantity of caffeine the up to me in one vial!

Energy drinks are not advised for pregnant women or children or patients with chronic diseases.


You may show energy drinks beneficial effects positive on the performance of exercise in different sports activities, although energy drinks may help performance and mindfulness, it has been documented potential health problems, especially among children and adolescents. Influenced by different parts of the body negatively the consumption of the energy drink. Given this fact and increase the popularity of this beverage, caution should be exercised during the intake of energy drinks and not make it within a daily routine..


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