Damage to amber for the

أضرار العنبر للتسمين

أضرار العنبر للتسمين

Amber is one of the most expensive items in the world, and since hundreds of years, man used it for medical and therapeutic industries such as perfume industry, and more recently the start of some of the people in its use for the treatment of thinness, but some scientific research and studies demonstrated the invalidity of this recipe, and the damage of amber to The followed us to the next section in which we discuss also methods of treatment thinness the safest.

What is Amber?

Described as Amber in the most peculiar items on the floor as it is the most valuable single price, it is used of the sperm whale sperm whales hundreds of years ago, but at the beginning of the discovery of its origin was not known for a long time until it was discovered that the sperm whale is its source, there are conflicting theories of his exit from the whale, some researchers believe in the fact that his poop sperm whale while some say it’s material says the whale by taking it out of his mouth due to eating large amount of fish which causes no indigestion.

At first the Amber, black and stinking, and then after the sun turns into a golden color and that’s why it was called old went to sea, and that oil of Amber is used in the fuel industry and the soap and in the manufacture of perfumes where prevents the perfume from evaporating.

Damage to the amber to the

Although the one a lot of medical uses for the human body, such as easing arthritis and invasive treatment of constipation and quit smoking and works on the treatment of stress and anxiety, besides being appetizing., except that there is no scientific research confirming its usefulness for the treatment of thinness is healthy, as it works to increase weight quick and sudden, which may have a lot of adverse effects.

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A way to increase the weight in a healthy way and safe

أضرار العنبر للتسمين

أضرار العنبر للتسمين

You should consult a doctor first before you start to gain weight where to slimness a lot of reasons which the doctor will be able to diagnose it, and in the case of a condition causing thinness must be treated first in order to facilitate the process of gaining weight, it offers a lot of ways through which they can gain weight easily and in a safe manner.

Eating more meals

Eating 5 or 6 small meals a day rather than 3 large meals helps a lot in increasing the weight so that the body will get more calories, as this method helps in the treatment of poor appetite, it is also important to choose a food that contains the nutrients necessary for the body of mineral salts and protein, vitamins, doctors recommend eating 6 servings of fresh or dried fruit per day as snacks.

Drink fluids that contain calories high

There are a lot of beverages that contain high calories such as full fat milk and a protein, it is important not to drink water before the food directly as this reduces the appetite.


What he doesn’t know a lot of people is that exercise helps in the treatment of thinness, especially vigorous exercise such as push-ups and stillness running, where it promotes muscle strength and therefore increased weight, the doctors always advise to focus on structure muscle over fat gain, as you should avoid fast foods and fatty meals that contain a lot of fat, salt and sugars

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After learning about the damage of amber to the and the food the best, the easiest to treat thinness you must avoid to follow the diets and recipes that rely on the food or drink just one without getting the necessary nutrients to the other body especially those that lacked scientific evidence, it is important to consult a doctor in case of inability to gain weight, we wish you continued health and wellness.

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