Damage sleep case on the back of her

أضرار نوم الحامل على ظهرها

أضرار نوم الحامل على ظهرها

Many women find themselves wonder about the best way to sleep during pregnancy, as sleep problems are common during pregnancy, especially sleeping on the back, so you will learn in this article on damage sleep case on her back.

Is it safe to need to sleep on the back?

If you sleep normally on your back, it is safe to continue to do so during the first three months only, but with the increased weight of the uterus in mid-pregnancy, best to choose another mode.

When you on your back, pushing the weight of the uterus on the main vein that returns blood from the lower body to your heart, so lie on your back for a long time may make you feel dizzy, and can also interferes with the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta and fetus developing.

This is a problem especially if you suffer from a condition such as high blood pressure, or diabetes which affects the amount of oxygen and nutrients received by the child.

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Damage sleep case on her back.

Back pain

With the growth of your baby inside the uterus, can put the bedroom back additional pressure on the pelvis, back, resulting in pain in the back gives you comfort well. In most cases, doctors recommend the use of a cushion placed in the hollow of your lower back, but when you’re pregnant, I don’t advise it.

Participation in the development

Snoring of the most common problems, which can cause sleep apnea, and to keep the airway open, recommend for on one side, preferably on the left side.

More damage sleep case on her back.

Digestive problems

Heartburn andacid reflux are common during pregnancy, in order to avoid this discomfort, you must avoid sleeping back, the reason is that the increased progesterone in your system smoothes the muscle that connects the stomach and the esophagus, the result is ease of load transfer to the top.

Low blood pressure

The largest vein in our body is the inferior vena cava, which is responsible for transferring the blood between the heart and the bottom, the increased weight of the uterus during pregnancy, and when you’re lying on your back, this can result in pressure to cut off blood flow, lowering blood pressure.

Sleeping on your back is one of the worst things you can do, and leads to lie in this situation to put a great deal of pressure on the pelvic floor, which increases the pain worse and exacerbate the situation.

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Best position to sleep during pregnancy

The best way to sleep during the second half of pregnancy is on your side, and some doctors the left side from the right side, because the vena cava is located to the right of the spine, so sleeping on your left side allows blood to flow more freely to your child, however this should not have happened is a big difference, and most importantly to choose which mode makes you feel any better.

If you need assistance in adapting to the sleep side, so try to support different parts of your body with a variety of cushions, it could help you one pillow between your knees and another under your hips to balance on your side more easily, and measures sleep by using a cushion of the entire body positioned behind your back or in front of you, or try a pillow in The Shape of two swords, and put it on your side or your chest.

Another piece of advice:

If you wake up with aches, it may be the bed more solid, you can replace it with another more comfortable, which can make sleeping easier in your new.

Now after learning about the damage sleep case on its back , if you are still facing are difficulty in sleep, you can consult a doctor for the best solution.

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