Damage rot tooth

أضرار تعفن الضرس

أضرار تعفن الضرس

Dental problems do not belong tenderness unbearable in this article we’ll talk together about the damage to rot the tooth and symptoms that you can feel when you rot a tooth proceed with us, dear reader.

Symptoms rotting of the tooth

May look some of the most common symptoms of the teeth actors fairly harmless, but if encountered, you should contact the dentist immediately.

The most common symptom is tooth pain andtooth sensitivity , you will be exposed to pain when biting on the foods hot or cold foods or sweet foods.

Can include the other symptoms of bad breath, and holes existing in your teeth (cavities), and brown or black, and if you notice any of these symptoms, it is likely to have cavities you have the more sophisticated surely you will the dentist.

If the infection already, you may notice swelling or pus, or pain so bad that it affects your ability to eat or drink, and in severe cases, untreated, can teeth rotting to fall out simply, and any pain or discomfort, or discoloration of the teeth is a cause for concern and must be seen dentist.

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Damage rot the tooth on the body

Believes the mouth is the gateway to the body, and affect the care of the mouth on taking care of your body as a whole, and if something goes wrong in your mouth, this may lead to the occurrence of error in your overall health include:

The immune system

Affects the immune system can be the bacteria that accumulate can lead to infection, which can affect the entire immune system, tells the body to attack the infection, which causes inflammation, and if inflammation persists for a very long time without the car, it starts to hurt the rest of the people, the presence of rotten teeth mean definitely something bad happening in the mouth, this means that there is something probably in another part of your body.


The relationship between oral health anddiabetes is strong, where the result of inflammation of the mouth to weaken the ability of the whole body to control blood sugar, this is not good news for people who suffer from diabetes.

Heart disease

So far not found to find out the relationship between them specifically but gum disease andheart disease is often linked to strong, gives me about 91% of persons with heart disease with periodontitis, while 66% of persons with heart disease do not suffer from inflammation of the gums.

People who smoke, who suffer from obesity are more likely to experience all of the heart disease and gum disease, the idea is that inflammation slows the flow of blood between the heart and the rest of the body, so the blood vessels are inflamed, and therefore be slower.

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Damage rot a tooth with the load

In general, can interfere inflammation and infection with the growth of the baby in the womb, so if the teeth or inflamed gums, it has affected the child, so it is best to use pregnant women visit the dentist regularly.


Both osteoporosis and periodontitis involves bone loss, however, not every professional agrees that the two are linked of them, although there is no sure sign, but some studies show that women who suffer from osteoporosis have been infected with periodontal disease at a higher rate than those who were not injured by it.

In the end, dear reader, after what you know the damage to rot the tooth and its symptoms, if you have any queries or consultation you can consult one of our doctors here.

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