Damage pregnancy after forty

أضرار الحمل بعد الأربعين

أضرار الحمل بعد الأربعين

There are a lot of women that you consider postponing the step of reproduction so proportioned to the circumstances of her life with that step as there are some who tries to much and pregnancy occurs at the age of forty after many attempts, usually unsuccessful mothers at the age of forty healthy children and pregnancy my doctor has been the opposite happens with the mission, follow us, dear readers of this article to damage, pregnancy after forty and what are its features and what are the chances of pregnancy after the age of forty.

What are the chances of pregnancy after the age of forty?

  • Usually women over the age of forty from fertility problems which affect the chances of pregnancy in women.
  • There is about a 5% chance of pregnancy with each cycle of ovulation for women over the age of forty.
  • With the beginning of the age of forty up opportunities to campaign for women about 40% to 50% compared to women at the age of thirty.
  • With the beginning of 43 years of age women less likely to carry significantly, where women lose about 13,000 eggs a year.
  • With women reach the age of 37 years up her eggs to 25000 eggs, making the chances of reproduction much less with a work in progress.
  • Further damage, pregnancy after forty, increase the abortion rates dramatically, with a ratio to 34% and rises to 53% with the beginning of the age of 45.
  • Also increase the incidence of malformations or congenital defects of the fetus as a result of the occurrence of many of the genetic problems that increase with age.

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What is the harm of pregnancy after forty?

In spite of the possibility of a woman’s pregnancy after the age of forty and healthy children but it happens some complications or damage as a result of a work in progress and affect the health of the pregnancy and the fetus this is the damage in the following:

Women can talk with a doctor about how to avoid this damage and how to maintain the health of the pregnancy and the fetus as much as possible and get the methods necessary care before the birth.

You must maintain follow-ups rotating with the doctor physical examination and talk with the doctor about medical history to prepare in case of any complications.

Help these diagnoses and examinations to avoid or delay these complications and damage in order to prepare in the event of a premature birth.

You should pay attention to increase its occurrence of complications does not necessarily mean that these complications are, just get the necessary care enough to prevent them.

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What are the advantages of pregnancy after the age of forty?

After I know my damage pregnancy after forty and here are some of the features of pregnancy after the age of forty, which include:


Despite the many damage pregnancy after forty, however the version that reached the fortieth wiser and more mature in terms of ability to raise children.

Physical stability

Is financial independence one of the most important advantages of pregnancy after forty where the partners prepared material for the new child are ready to meet all his needs.

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After you know damage pregnancy after forty Whomes’s his and what are the chances of pregnancy after the age of forty, you should move on to consult a doctor about this step before their occurrence so as to save you what is the best for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and must maintain the tests of your routine to maintain your health and the health of your child, and we wish you always good health.

Calculator pregnancy and birth

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