Damage of smoking on the respiratory system

أضرار التدخين على الجهاز التنفسي

أضرار التدخين على الجهاز التنفسي

Respiratory sound works to protect the lungs from smoke, dust and other harmful substances, but because of the smoking abnormality occurs in this process is balanced, we will in this article on the dangers of smoking on the respiratory system

Damage of smoking on the respiratory system

Because smoking significant changes occur in your lungs and passages of the airways, and some changes are abrupt and last a short such as colds, pneumonia and some other changes become chronic and can last a lifetime.

Increased mucus and inflammation

When you smoke, the cells that produce mucus in your lungs and airways grow in size, as a result, the amount of mucus increase due to the accumulation of harmful chemicals caused by smoking also increases the heavy artillery this mucus and therefore faced more difficulty in getting rid of them.

The accumulation of toxins

After a period of smoking because of the accumulation of chemicals that there are cigarettes in the lungs, occurs the following:

  • I don’t enjoy the lung cleaning itself of toxins.
  • The person becomes more susceptible to colds ones andthe flu, and other problems of respiratory diseases.
  • Less areas of the body and the body becomes more prone to infections and the incidence of many diseases.

The flow of air to the lungs is less

Irritates smoking the tissues of the lungs, where it can destroy lung tissue this reduces the number of alveoli and blood vessels in the lungs, which reduces the access of oxygen for the different body parts, and over time breathing becomes more difficult.

Chronic bronchitis

Is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease long-term, it most often occurs in the lining of the bronchi which are considered as tubes that carry air to and from the lungs, people suffering from bronchitis often exhibit some of the symptoms such as:

  • Persistent cough.
  • Pain in the chest.
  • The risk of a thick and variable color.
  • Exposure to my development.
  • Shortness of breath for weeks or months.
  • Difficulty in sleep.

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It is a disease that affects the lungs, occurs most often in smokers as you lead the uprising to damage and destroy the alveoli which reduces the surface area of the lungs and the amount of oxygen that reaches the blood, there are some symptoms that indicate infection with emphysema, such as:

  • Weight loss.
  • Problems in the heart.
  • Makes breathing more difficult.
  • Cause coughing and severe fatigue.
  • Can cause sleep problems.
  • Destruction of the lung.

Lung cancer

From the damage of smoking on the respiratory system that is strongly linked to cancer of the lung, where smoking heavily in the occurrence of abnormal growth of cells may lead to growth of tumors in the lungs, and may appear these tumors in the lining of the bronchi or in other parts of the lungs, so smoking is considered to be the main cause of lung cancer.

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أضرار التدخين على الجهاز التنفسي

Other types of cancer infecting the members of the respiratory

Can increase smoking risk of developing other types of cancers are different, which may affect the members of the device development including:

  • Cancer of the nose.
  • Cancer of the sinus.
  • Cancer of the throat and larynx.
  • Cancer of the esophagus.

At the end of the article and that you know us, dear reader, on the dangers of smoking on the respiratory system recommend you to quit smoking is not out of the damage affect your health, although you may see it difficult, but the health damage caused by The may be the hardest, and you can consult some specialists to help you make the decision to quit smoking, and if you have any further queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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