Damage of smoking on the body

أضرار التدخين على الجسم

أضرار التدخين على الجسم

It is known that smoking is harmful to human health, scientists have done research about the harms of smoking on the body how to resist, will be all this and more in this article read to me.

The composition of the cigarette

Cigarette smoke includes many toxic compounds that work to destroy the cells of the body and cause no disease, but the best known is nicotine , and the first carbon dioxide.

Nicotine is the main substance in shopping addiction and your in heart rate and constriction of blood vessels nourishing for all the members of the body.

Damage of smoking on the body

Damage of smoking on the circulatory system and blood

When smoking you are entering toxic materials into the lungs which is transmitted in turn to the blood to make some changes like:

  • Increased blood viscosity increases her chances of blood clots.
  • Increased blood pressure and heartbeat.
  • Narrowing of the arteries, thus reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients for members.
  • Increase the proportion of toxins in the arteries make them narrow and a crisis or cardiac arrest.
  • The destruction of the blood vessels of the parties.

Damage of smoking on the body heart

Smoking destroys the heart and all blood vessels located around and lead to many diseases such as: coronary heart disease “coronary heart disease”, heart attack “heart attack”, stroke “stroke”, and peripheral vascular disease “peripheral vascular disease”, diseases blood circulation brain, “cerebrovascular disease”.

Carbon monoxide and nicotine increase the heart rate and increase the rate of meetings, and many other chemical works on the destruction of the coronary arteries.

The effect of smoking on the stomach

If smokers are more susceptible to ulcers and stomach, and also works to weaken the muscle that works to keep the acidic liquid inside the temple, leaving the liquid back to the esophagus again and this so-called “reflux esophagitis“.

Damage of smoking on the skin

Smoking reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin, and therefore does not reach the skin nutrients necessary to stay healthy, keeping wrinkles at an early age, especially the area around the mouth, eyes, and skin pale and yellowish.

Damage of smoking on the bones

If smoking works on weakening of bones corrosion and shows this often in women, where to weakened bones in women is normal when they reach the age of despair, where the bone is weak but with smoking it’s even worse.

Damage of smoking on the body and its relationship to the brain

If smoking increases the likelihood of stroke , which works on the parking all the activities are involuntary such as breathing and heart leading to death directly, and increase the incidence of internal bleeding and brain tissue.

Damage of smoking on the lungs

The lungs are of more members of the body know the need of smoking, cough and difficulty in breathing is only just beginning.

Smoking causes many deadly diseases like pneumonia “pneumonia” emphysema “emphysema” lung cancer”lung cancer”, the main reason of death from smoking is (COPD) is a group of diseases that cause throttling andis a chronic inflammatory tissue distension to the lungs includes the bronchial passages, so that the person can’t breathe.

أضرار التدخين على الجسم

أضرار التدخين على الجسم

Damage of smoking on the mouth and throat

  • The smell of bad breath.
  • Change the color of your teeth.
  • Diseases of the gums.
  • The destruction of the sense of complaining.

But the real danger here would be the cancers that infect the lips, tongue, throat and larynx.

Damage of smoking on the body does not cure infertility, how is this?

It’s possible you didn’t know this, but smoking causes infertility especially in men, in addition to reducing the amount of blood that reaches the genital organs, it works to reduce and kill the sperm.

As for the ladies, it works to increase the abortion rate and reduce fertility, increase the incidence of cervical cancer.

At the end of the article after the Battle of the harms of smoking on the body and all its organs, you can think twice if you before feel the cigarette the following, and if you want more consulting, you can leave her here will be displayed on the specialist doctors.

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