Damage masturbate every day, men

اضرار العادة السرية كل يوم للرجال

اضرار العادة السرية كل يوم للرجال

It is true that masturbation is common, but it’s up to the severity of the addiction when other, making masturbation a daily habit indispensable, so we’ll hit the general speed every day for men and which may result, through the following lines.

Masturbate when men

Think of masturbation or masturbation as you know, usually common in men but women also, and start mostly in the early stages of work, beginning with the discovery of the body or at puberty, to continue later with the other, and to the severity of the addiction, when others, which may cause many damages on the body.

We must practice the habit of some benefits or features that want to suck on them, as a result of their practice, and the reasons for the practice of masturbation in men:

  • The desire to compensate for the sexual relationship.
  • Desire to get pleasure or orgasm.
  • The desire to get rid of stress.

Damage masturbate every day for men

Some may be general speed when is day, it is an addiction can’t stay away from them, and with this continuing daily, may be associated with some other habits and other behaviors that cause damage to the people of this world, and damages the public addiction to speed in general:


Choose research here, so now there’s nothing illustrates the effect of masturbation on testosterone levels in the long term, but short-term, some research has shown that left masturbation for a week contributed to the high levels of testosterone.

Social relations

The public addiction to speed and spend most of the time in the practice of masturbation, the influence of social power, especially in the case of found things up to:

  • Escape from daily responsibilities.
  • The effect on what it produces daily, both at the level of work or study.
  • The desire for isolation and spending time alone.
  • Cancel any events or dates related to participation and social events.

Sexual response

Some research has shown that addiction to masturbation may cause a problem in sexual response, where may lead to decline in response to men’s sexual.

There are some other damages that may result from addiction to masturbation:

  • Irritation of the skin.
  • Harm to the genitalia, a condition known as penile fracture, and because of the violence in practice.
  • Guilt and psychological pressure as a result of the exercise of unacceptable behavior in society.

Related topics

Does masturbating cause prostate cancer?

Research here is conflicting about the cause of general speed in a reduced or increased likelihood of prostate cancer, if there is research to support that frequent ejaculation helps in reducing the incidence of the disease, however, some other research to see a variety of results about the outcome of frequent ejaculation, which may result in high incidence of cancer.

There seems to be other factors that may be unrelated to, and even now there is still a need for more research to be sure.

Treating the psychological effects of the extraordinary speed and about.

The psychological effect and as a result of masturbation, can be mitigated through achieving balance in your life, it can be through some simple tips to help get rid of addiction to masturbation that negatively affect you, this can be done through:

  • Exercise, which is varied between sports and moderate Sports violence.
  • Try to run the time always, through the habits of daily other beneficial.
  • You can search and learn a new skill, or you can return to the hobby old.

Important information: these are the benefits of leaving the general speed psychologically and physically.

You can find out more information about how to get rid of addiction to masturbation, and in case you find yourself can not get rid of them and level with you, you can do consult a specialist doctor.

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