Damage laser teeth whitening

أضرار تبييض الأسنان بالليزر

أضرار تبييض الأسنان بالليزر

Have you heard about the technique of teeth whitening laser? This technique is teeth whitening to become lighter by several degrees, as is the results of long-term, but what is the damage laser teeth whitening does it have complications? Keep reading to learn more.

Laser teeth whitening

The laser was used in dentistry since 1994 to treat a number of dental problems, however in spite of the approval of the food and Drug Administration (FDA) have, however, the laser system had not been approved yet officially by the American Dental Association (ADA) as an alternative to conventional treatment, this ensures that the sealing dentists that the product or device meets the criteria of the ADA for safety and effectiveness, however, the ADA states that it is cautiously optimistic about the role of laser technology in the dental field.

The laser teeth whitening, is a modern type of teeth whitening systems that your dentist can provide, Where are placed a whitening product on your teeth and then turn over the laser beams on the areas to be bleached to get the desired results, and it takes laser whitening about an hour.

What is “activated” solution bleaching peroxide, applied to the tooth surface, by means of laser energy, which speeds up the process of whitening.

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Damage laser teeth whitening

  • Can’t use laser on the teeth with the presence of the fillings already present.
  • The laser does not eliminate the need for anesthesia.
  • Tends laser treatment to be more expensive.
  • The fire, which can cause the laser accidental injury lead to permanently clean, but this is common where the measured laser energy and containment carefully.

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Damage laser teeth whitening short-term

  • The pain may occur or the sensation of burning or itching after treatment for a few days, and can use a local anesthetic to prevent discomfort during the process but may still note some discomfort.
  • In the first few days you may notice redness or inflammation or swelling of the tissues, or tissue adjacent to areas that have been treated.
  • Dermatitis escape sexual simple, it touches on some cases after undergo laser.
  • Hyperpigmentation of the tissue, you may notice that some of the tissues of the gums change color to the color of darker after treatment, it may be noticed in contrast to the other, the lack of pigmentation of the tissue, i.e., the appearance of tissues in a light color, which can be long-lasting.

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Damage laser teeth whitening long term

  • The appearance of scars, which can be avoided or reduced by following the instructions appropriate after care.
  • Changes pigment tissue, it changes in the soft tissue and tissues, at the intersection of the areas treated and untreated, has shows variation in the color, texture and / or thickness.
  • Infection; there is a possibility of infection in all surgical techniques, can be avoided by post-operative care.

Alternatives laser teeth whitening

Now that we know the damage laser teeth whitening here are some of the alternatives and the safest:

  • Whitening toothpastes help remove surface stains because they contain abrasive materials are light, so its use can help remove surface stains only whitening teeth, studying for two degrees open.
  • Strips bleach can also get rid of the yellowing of the teeth a shade or two lighter, it strips almost invisible envelope clearly bleaching based on peroxide, and placed on the teeth for several minutes each day for at least a week, and you can start to notice results within a few days.
  • Among the latest bleaching products available, is the lotion, teeth whitening, and like most mouthwashes, it freshens breath and helps reduce plaque and gum disease, but these products also include components, such as hydrogen peroxide, which whitens teeth, say the manufacturers said that it may take 12 weeks to see results, so after using the lotion for 60 seconds every day.

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Now that we know the damage laser teeth whitening and complications of this technique and its alternatives, tell us-have you tried this technique before or thinking about it? For further information about the methods of teeth whitening, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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