Cure pain arthritis drugs and medicinal herbs

The elements of the decision

Takes care of a lot of people search for the treatment of pain joints especially the elderly did not cause him this pain of severe discomfort to affect the exercise by the person of his everyday life normally.

Cause joint pain, feeling of discomfort where the pain of the bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and tendons may be the pain is severe and unbearable they may be simple, and all cases need treatment and consult your doctor to prevent complications.

Treat joint pain medications

You can treat joint pain by using drugs after the disclosure has a doctor to determine the cause of the injury and choose the treatment method appropriate to the situation, one of the most important drugs used for treatment include the following:

– The use of derivatives of paracetamol by mouth and in pain Light Gas accompanied by swelling in the joints.

– The use of NSAIDs used in cases of joint pain severe medium which is accompanied by swelling in the Joint due to inflammation and help soothe pain and provide a comfortable feeling for the patient, including : aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and use these medications under a doctor’s supervision.

– A cure pain arthritis by using pain relievers opioids, which are drugs used after consulting a doctor in cases of severe pain, which is not achieved using anti-inflammatories and other pain relievers, but over-use can cause digestive disorders, constipation and a desire to sleep.

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– Laxatives, used with anti-inflammatory medications help to comfort and relax the muscles thereby reducing the pain.

– Use of antidepressant medications help treat pain, but should the doctor determines the dosage and method of use very carefully.

– A cure pain arthritis medications topical such as creams ointment containing methyl salicylate causes .

– Injection therapy, these drugs are used for cases that don’t fit with treatment with medications oral and topical medication such as injections here injections steroid injections that work to get rid of the leaching fluid in the joint.

Medication ketoprofen for the pain and treats arthritis

علاج الم المفصلTreatment pain joint

Natural ways to get rid of joint pain

Can resort to some natural ways gas and pharmaceutical for the treatment of joint pain, and in this regard can follow some important tips, including:

– The use of compresses of warm water on the place of pain alternating with ice packs and cold water which helps to relax the muscles.

– Use the paraffin wax with warm compresses helps to relax muscles and relieve joint pain.

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– Perform some light exercises that help to strengthen muscles and protect joints from stiffness, especially yoga and Tai Xi.

– Diet helps to strengthen the joints especially the thickness of the salmon, broccoli, almonds, nuts, foods rich in an omega-3 and vitamin ” B” and” D ” .

– Reduce the intake of salty and spicy foods because they cause increased inflammation of the joints.

– You must get rid of excess weight and keeping fit to reduce the burden on the joints of the body.

– Freedom to sleep and sit properly protect the joints of the occurrence of any problems.

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in natural ways effective in the surgical

علاج الم المفاصل بالأدوية والأعشابCure pain arthritis drugs herbs

Treatment pain arthritis herbal

You can use some herbs to treat joint pain relieving pain and providing comfort and relaxation of the muscles, and the most important of these herbs:

– The use of turmeric helps in the treatment of the pain of separation and mitigation because it contains a substance holy the pain and anti-inflammatory drugs, and intake of a decoction of turmeric daily or add it to foods and cuisine or in the form of capsules.

– The use of ginger to ease the pain of arthritis because it contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, which helps in the treatment, can eat boiled ginger daily.

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– The use of Chinese herbs, such as Herb ” eucommia ” that contain elements of active the body’s production of collagen which helps in the treatment, this grass is available in the form of capsules.

– Nettle extract that works to reduce inflammation and reduce joint pain.

– The use of plant licorice that reduces pain and inflammation because it is rich in peptides that help in the treatment of arthritis, and is available in the form of herbs, dry or tablets in pharmacies.

– Use the herb for gout delivery play a significant role in the treatment of joint pain in the perfect.

– The use of flax oil which contains omega-3 which reduce the pain and treats inflammation of joints and can be used in foods, cooking or eating it straight with water and fluids.

– Eating an apple a day activates the body’s production of collagen natural, which works to treat pain and inflammation, massage can place pain the meanest understanding.

So the treatment of pain of the joints is possible through the use of medications under the supervision of a doctor or through the use of some herbs with the follow some tips that help reduce pain and treat inflammation and a feeling of the person feel better and comfort.

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