Creatine benefits the company and use his harms.

The elements of the decision

Looking for a lot of girls about the benefits of creatine with the widespread use of this substance in treating the problem of damaged hair is used, and creatine is a natural protein component of the acids and exist basically in the human body and is essential for muscles, hair and nails, but loses her body because of exposure to a range of factors forbade the rays of the sun and the heat, and it may be lack of resulting from the genetic causes, so is the commission to compensate the deficit through external sources of ball games, which is extracted from the animals in most cases.

The benefits of creatine for

Is hair treatment using pellets that contains natural oils and proteins, collagen and vitamin E in addition to the ratio of the substance formaldehyde, which work to soften and the hair,

One of the most important benefits of creatine for the following:

• Works to soften the hair and for a long time ranging from three months to six months.
• Contains oils and proteins work to strengthen hair.
• Address the problem of the damaged hair and wavy.
• Makes hair smooth, soft and adds to the luster desired.
• Encases the hair and protect it from the heat emanating from the sector curling irons.
• Protects the hair from dust and the factors of bad weather and sun’s harmful.
• Makes the hair shiny and silky is full of vitality all the period of effectiveness of a dragon stretching for many months.
• Works to nourish damaged hair and displays a lack of the natural keratin that is caused by the wrong nutrition or a work in progress, or exposure to bad affected the health of the hair.
• Reduces dry hair and brittleness, improves your health with time.
• Increases hair density and length.

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Week severe hair loss and casual way of his treatment

فوائد الكيراتينThe benefits of the keratin individual hair

Tips to take advantage of keratin hair

To get the benefits of creatine for the treatment of hair problems you must pay attention to a variety of tips are:

• Choose a good type of keratin and the best is Brazil.
• Test technician wishing to do a hair treatment so as not to cause damage to it.
• Choose the type of keratin contains a small proportion of the substance formaldehyde because the rate if increased causing damage to human health.
• You must follow all the instructions of Hair Treatment Cream the two until moving full interest.
• After a keratin hair treatment you should use a shampoo that does not contain chemicals such as baby shampoo.
• You should not use hot water to wash hair is the processor so as not to lose keratin.
• You should not expose the treated hair, in sea water or swimming pools without wearing a special hat to protect the hair from damage and damage.

Steps Keratin Hair Treatment

There is a set of steps that must be followed to get the benefits of creatine for the company, as follows:

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• Wash hair well using shampoo intended for Hair Treatment Cream two.
• Dry the hair well using the air using the temperature is not high.
• Divide the hair into parts and put the keratin and distributed well on all the parts.
• Uses air again to dry the keratin.
• Is the use of iron, ceramic hair install keratin.
• Combing the hair and leave without washing for at least 72 hours.
• After three days the hair can be washed using a shampoo with no substance ” sodium chloride”.

Treatment Hair breakage from the front as normal and tips the mission of the company

فوائد الكيراتينTypes of keratin

Damage to keratin on the hair

Think keratin is the most prevalent for the treatment of hair problems during the recent period,

Although it achieves satisfactory results for many, but it involves some risk,

The most important being the following:

• Most types of keratin available in markets contain a high proportion of the material is formalin, which caused hair loss and a lot of damage.
• Cause material formalin in keratin increase the likelihood of cancer because carcinogenic when absorbed by the skin and scalp.
• Cause of keratin severe infections in the skin and respiratory system.
• Also causes allergy to the eyes.
• Excessive usage lead to dry hair or shedding.
• Cause infections of the lung and difficulty breathing, bleeding from the nose at the other.
• End of material formaldehyde found in keratin a poisonous gas when heated causing great harm in the skin and respiratory system.
• Warns against the use of keratin for allergy sufferers.
• Do not uses keratin during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
• Not used for children less than 6 years of age.
• Repeated exposure to the components of the keratin cause severe shortness of breath and the crises of implementation of the.
• Cause the gases rising from the heating of the keratin in the problem of the large health to the hair stylist, so you should wear a mask to protect him from them.
• Causes keratin in weakening of the hair shedding, so caution of its use to the owners of light hair and weak.

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Hair dye for pregnant and hit him on the fetus

فوائد الكيراتينIndividual keratin hair

We have provided you via the site pharmacy, comprehensive report on the benefits of creatine to drink and use, with reference to the ravages of this method in treating the problem of curly hair is the most important caveats associated with the use, should pay attention to the need to consult a dermatologist before you do anything or use any materials on the skin and stand up for what fits each case and ways to use health especially for children and during pregnancy and lactation.

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