Cough medicines for infants

Cough or cough one of the things that may be worrying when a child, but in the case of the implementation of the infant’s history of his naturally, it won’t pose any danger, and most cases of cough or cough that affects infants as a result of exposure to a virus causes the common cold and may continue for a period of up to about 3 weeks or more. For more details on ways to cure cough for infants in the following:

Cough medicines for infants sesame oil

Sesame oil is hugely beneficial for children on the whole, it also treats cough and cough and sputum, and the company the following:

  • This is done by mixing the amount of sesame oil with the olive oil and then heat the mixture, and the FAT released your child when it becomes warm.
  • It also helps greatly to eliminate a cough that produces phlegm and dislikes by taking 5 ml of it before the baby sleep directly, it is effective in those cases is more powerful than anti-life.
  • Sesame oil is used also in several other purposes, including the increase in the rate of growth of the child better by massaging his body and it helps him to sleep comfortable, quiet, health is also special because it works to increase the flow of blood in the body and arteries responsible for the increased growth of your child.
  • Science must in the case of the presence of phlegm in the child must not provide any derivatives of milk of the child, especially beef from them, they are working to increase the phlegm has increased the problem, also avoid juices.

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علاج الكحة للرضع بزيت السمسم

Cough medicines for babies 3 months

There are some natural ways that is used in the treatment of cough for babies, and is as follows:

  • Permanently recommended in the natural treatment instead of taking any medication, especially because they contain chemicals harmful to children in this work.
  • Drinks warm, in this period it is recommended to download the baby drinks warm significantly during the intake of water and warm with a view to soothe his respiratory system, it can be used anise it helps greatly to relax the child’s body.
  • Steam bath: helps the steam bath to the baby inhaled no on the expansion of the bronchi through the work of a massage the baby’s chest with circular movements with a view to relieve the cough I have.
  • Confirmed a lot of scientific research on the need to massage the chest, your child using olive oil, and training, because it works to calm the cough and help him sleep.
  • Turmeric, natural ways in the treatment of cough in children also use a cream turmeric through the omelette with warm water is then distributed to your child’s head as well as chest and then massage is done continuously to reduce cough and eliminate them.
  • Of the other methods in the treatment of cough as well minced garlic after boiling it on the fire and submit it to the food for the baby, it protects the body from different viruses.

Cough medicines for babies 6 months

There are some natural ways that is used in the treatment of cough for babies securely, including:

Treatment through Steam

You can sit your child near the hot water by a thick vapor, making sure the baby inhaled the fumes inside the bathroom, which is one of the known methods effective in eliminating the cough significantly and eliminate the problems of sinusitis as well.


Honey is one of the substances that help significantly in eliminating cough and relieving the child’s chest from cough, it also works to soothe the respiratory system has the child, so resist the bacteria that results in a cough, knowing that in the case of the arrival of the child to the age of year should not increase the dose of honey to half a teaspoon only.

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Within the material which works to resist viruses as well as bacteria effectively and so can be used during the boil, and then add some of it to baby food until it is the elimination of the cough and cough effectively and.

علاج الكحة للرضع 6 شهور

Cough medicines for infants 4 months

Are cough medicines for infants in this period securely on the child without any problem, like this:

  • Treatment fluids warm: can eliminate cough honey Ho by giving your child warm fluids, as well as herbs warm, with the need to Dimension and fully from any drinks containing caffeine or any fluid enters the throat in the joint to prevent the increasing problem in the child.
  • One of the ways to treat cough naturally is to change the sleeping position of your baby my dear Eve, you can change your sleeping position in case of injury with the ability to be a head up fully so he can breathe well.
  • Honey also from the material strong and effective in the treatment and forget about it, it is strong in getting rid of cough in children, especially in this work.

Treatment of cough in children less than a year

Cough medicines for infants aged less than a year be like this:

  • In the case of children aged less than one year, you must reduce and relieve cough and cough have without any chemicals, they are safer to their health.
  • In general it is recommended to periodically give the baby warm water or heated more than the amount of milk that is ingested.
  • In the case of the child was less than three months should see a doctor before starting to treat his visit to check on your health.
  • You must be knowing it not to give the baby honey in large quantity in the neighbourhood was less than a year, may increase his condition and botulism botulinum .

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علاج الكحة عند الأطفال أقل من سنة

Relationship of cough and phlegm when the kids are babies

Are cough medicines for infants as well as eliminate the network as follows:

  • Is treatment of cough and phlegm in children by eating hot drinks or warm to increase the expansion of the bronchi and soothe the respiratory tract in the child and alleviation of cough.
  • One of the natural ways in treating cough as well use vapors fumes the hot water is working to expand the bronchial tubes of the child in the case of inhaled and works to relieve cough and eliminate phlegm.
  • Honey: one of the natural materials that reduce the cough as well my dear Eve, you must put small amounts of it to the child so resist the virus growing inside of him.

علاج الكحة والبلغم عند الاطفال الرضع

Treatment of cough in children the age of five months.

Cough medicines for babies at least 5 months must be securely preserve their health, without any chemicals:

  • Can use warm liquids soothe of the child’s chest and the respiratory system securely and effectively, through the introduction into the draft of the child.
  • Can add some of the garlic mashed, but very small amounts, so work to eliminate viruses and bacteria and maintains the body.

Cough medicines when the new baby

The child born may suffer from cough, but the treatment of infants, particularly new materials must be carefully and effective more like this:

  • The use of anise one drinks safe and effective in the treatment of cough for babies in this period by giving them them.
  • Change the sleeping position of the baby also helps eliminate the cough gradually and can breathe better.

Dear reader, now you may know all the details that pertain to cure cough for infants, you can now move on to learn how you can care for baby.

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