Conversion table digital to download in different stages of pregnancy

جدول التحليل الرقمي للحمل

جدول التحليل الرقمي للحمل

Download digital to download of the most accurate analyses that can confirm the occurrence of pregnancy in the early period of pregnancy, so you must know the conversion table digital to find out the correct version for download during different stages of pregnancy, and the beginning of the menstrual cycle stopped, and continued with us dear readers the following article for this analysis are explained.

Digital conversion for

This analysis uses to measure levels of the pregnancy hormone, a hormone chorionic gonadotropin, human (HCG) which is known to hormone of pregnancy because it is secreted by the cells of the placenta.

This helps the analysis to detect the hormone in the blood after about only 10 days of pregnancy, while can detect the hormone in urine after 14 days almost of pregnancy.

Using the levels of the HCG hormone in increase all period ranging from 48 hours to 72 hours until it reaches its peak at Week 11 of pregnancy almost, so if you’ve made the conversion early by the presence of a sufficient amount of hormone, enlarge the procedure again after a few days.

Can you identify the normal levels of the hormone during pregnancy, through the digital conversion of pregnancy in weeks pregnancy different, which we will in this article.

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Why is the conversion of digital to the party?

Women resort usually to conduct this analysis at a very early period of pregnancy to confirm pregnancy, determine the approximate age of the fetus, as this analysis is used sometimes to discover pregnancy problems such as ectopic pregnancy, the likelihood of abortion, as well as can be considered as a screen to detect Down syndrome.

Can some resort to the analysis of the proportion of the HCG hormone to detect pregnancy before undergo for certain products can cause harm to the growth of the fetus, such as X-rays.

In addition to the discovery of the pregnancy may analysis is used to detect other situations, where it can be considered the HCG hormone treatment for a tumor, because the substance secreted by some tumors, and therefore can use the analysis to detect:

Also reveals also injured some men, testicular cancer, and reveals some cases of gas cancer, such as cirrhosis of the liver ulcers, but as this analysis is commonly used to discover the pregnancy, we’ll show you now a conversion table digital to find out the ratio of hormones in pregnancy.

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Related topics

Conversion table digital to

You have to learn on Table download digital to the to see natural levels of the HCG hormone during each week of pregnancy, starting from the date of the last menstrual period.

But be aware that you may hormone levels vary depending on the nature of the body of each woman, the number of embryos that carry it. Is to measure the level of luteinizing hormone by the unit International per milliliter of blood (mIU/ mL).

Pregnancy weekThe level of luteinizing hormone (mIU/ mL)
3 weeks5 – 50
4 weeks5 – 426
5 weeks18 – 7,340
6 weeks1,080 – 56,500
7 – 8 a week7,650 – 229,000
9 – 12 week 25,700 – 288,000
13 – 16 week 13,300 – 254,000
17 – 24 week4,060 – 165,400
25 – 40 a week3,640 – 117,000

And with the digital transformation to find out that the low percentage of the hormone about 5 IU/ mL occur in women gas pregnant.

Might increase the hormone levels from the normal range, the mean error in estimating the date of conception, but perhaps this refers to some cases such as molar pregnancy (false pregnancy) and multiple Pregnancy (pregnancy with twins or pregnancy with triplets).

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How accurate is the download digital for download?

You will be wondering after knowing the schedule of digital downloads for the on the accuracy of this analysis and its results, so you should know that no test is 100% accurate.

Although the accuracy of this analysis and detection of the levels of the hormone in a specific and delicate, it may be affected by the results of the analysis, sometimes including the following:

  • The presence of germ cell tumors are cancerous or benign, which is usually found in the genitals.
  • May interfere the results of the analysis with certain medications, including those medications that contain HCG, such as medications fertility.
  • Smoking marijuana affects the results of the analysis of the digital for download.

However if you find that the level of the hormone is minimal, it does not necessarily mean that the pregnancy outcome is negative, because the levels of the hormone increase very quickly during early pregnancy, so you should repeat the test to confirm the result.

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In the end, dear readers, after we have explained you to schedule digital conversion for the in period its different, if you have any further queries don’t hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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