Contraception during lactation

Contraception during lactation across a site health Looking many of the ladies after childbirth for contraception during lactation even recover her health before the pregnancy again, so you should consult a competent doctor before you start using one of these means, with the freedom to use the medium do not affect milk production lactation.


Contraception during lactation

Related to contraceptives, especially that is used during breastfeeding, it is the most important:


  • There are different types of pills some areas for breastfeeding, and start taking them after the birth for about 6 weeks.
  • Some doesn’t agree with breastfeeding, so you should consult a doctor before using any type of birth control pill.


Think of safe contraceptives during lactation, there are two types of solenoid are:

  • IUD copper: up the effectiveness of to 12 years, and it can happen to the pregnancy after it is removed.
  • Hormonal IUD: it is the device is planted inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy which is also safe during lactation, can prevent pregnancy for up to five years.

Other methods of long-acting

  • Injection to prevent pregnancy:take every three months, it begins to take effect 24 hours after injection by, and although it is safe during breastfeeding but long term use may cause infertility or delay having children.
  • Sticker to prevent pregnancy: it is a sticker placed on the buttocks, arms, abdomen, or back, and significantly of pills in their compounds, it is also safe during lactation, used after birth at about 8 weeks.

Types of pills for groups

Think pill is one of the means by mouth and which contains two types of pills one of them:

First: grain Composite

  • Known as the dual hormone which consists of two types of hormones are estrogen and progesterone.
  • These hormones work to prevent pregnancy, but the hormone estrogen may serve to reduce the mother’s milk.

Second: small grain

  • Known as unitary of the hormone, which contain progesterone only.
  • One of the most important types of pills safe for nursing mothers.
  • Help to the secretion of the hormone prolactin , which acts on milk production lactation.

Names of pills for breastfeeding

Recommended obstetricians and gynecologists need to eat the humble small grains because they are the best and most safe during breastfeeding, such as :

  • Pills microlut: contains one box of 3 Bar and each bar contains 35 tablet, and the intake of one tablet per day regularly, and its rate of 18-25 pounds in the pharmacies source the.
  • Pills serazzi: is considered safe for breastfeeding women, and also safe for people with heart disease and tuberculosis, but it may reduce the proportion of milk which is secreted, is taken from the first day of the menstrual cycle.
  • Pills surgery: help prevent pregnancy by Be discharge great in the neck of the uterus this hinders the entry of the sperm, is also working to hinder the process of ovulation, are dealt with beginning from the first day the integrity of the menstrual cycle.

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