Constant headaches … What is it? What are its symptoms, its causes and what news of you? And how did you deal with it?

To bring and keep your hands on your head and the pain this is pain that may continue is repeated Liu two days… a week, two weeks and even a month or more… it’s a constant headache may be any type of headache may result from a specific cause may be a symptom of other problems, so must be dealt with.

What is the chronic headache and symptoms that characterize it? What is the cause of constant headaches for? And what did that tell you about your health? How can be dealt with and treated? What about consulting a doctor and get health care? Here’s all that below.

Constant headaches

الصداع المستمر

We all know our different symptoms of the headache through a certain stage in our lives, and of course this was a headache and a nuisance but are usually dealt with by relying on pain relievers that are taken without prescription.

But what if that headache is a headache ready to happen permanently is repeated for? If constant headache is a headache occurs is repeated 15 times more in a month, and it can affect everyone of any age even children and adolescents, as it has its effects annoying and interfere with daily activities.

Chronic headaches can be any type of headache condition that the high frequency and semi-permanent (more than 15 times per month), the most important of these species:

1 – tension headache

Which is often a pain similar to having a partner surrounds and presses on the head.

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2 – migraine

Migraine (migraine) is a headache that affects one side of the head and have a pain similar to intense throbbing.

Migraine is intractable (severe) a migraine headache, but his severe features in shifts up to 72 hours and more, and you can symptoms similar to migraines regular but the pain doesn’t respond to it lasts for the length.

Is usually characterized by headaches, migraine-style attacks available, it can start with symptoms of visual and auditory and physical before the start of the intense pain, the main symptoms include: allergies to the direction of the light and sound – nausea and vomiting – fatigue – mood changes behavioral – a lack of coordination and confusion – of the rotor.

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3 – rebound headaches \ rebound headaches

For people who are taking painkillers for headaches which is take it or without a prescription to suffer from rebound headaches or revitalization of a headache, which tends to happen frequently in 15 days or in a month or more.

Different symptoms that are associated with rebound headaches from person to person but are generally close to the symptoms accompanying migraine mentioned previously, usually rebound headaches in the mornings after waking up, and drugs work with a temporary return of pain after a short period of medication.

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4. cluster headache

It is a pain that affects one side of the head (to vary the voltage from headaches to time) and can be left with pain in the eyes and face.

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Symptoms of constant headaches


The symptoms accompanying headache chronic or persistent differ according to the type of headaches suffered by the person, in general, we can distinguish the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the head and can affect one side of the head or two aspects and can be a pain surrounds the head, and can take a character like pulses, the extent of pain varies between mild to severe.
  • Can absorb the pain sometimes reaches the eye or the neck or the teeth.
  • Can be associated with nausea and sometimes with vomiting.
  • Sweating heavily.
  • The sensitivity direction of the sounds and lights.
  • Congestion and blockage of the nose and throat.
  • Redness in eyes and congestion in the glands and ducts of the lacrimal.

Cause of constant headaches

سبب الصداع المستمر

Even now is not reached the cause of clear and precise behind the case of chronic headaches, but there are a range of factors possible:

1 – problems with the neck and head

It is a headache caused by the existence of a structural problem or a structural J the neck or head or spine, can be this problem: fractures – muscle strain – inflammation – arthritis – deformities-birth.

Usually accompanied with pain in the neck and to the back of the head and shoulders, and can intensify the pain with the passage of time and the problems are compounded, which causes damage to the central nervous system.

Can lead to stimulate the nerve Foundation located in the facial (nerve the Three Twins) to the response is the pain of waiting in view and behind the eyes can also be caused congestion and blockage in the nasal canals, the lacrimal in addition to redness of the eyes.

2 – head injuries

Think head injuries and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion caused constant headaches the most important, as a result of the injury has the appearance of a headache was not in the previous or becomes severely higher.

Often develops headaches after the injury is severe, such as injuries due to the fall – through exercise – a car accident – injury shot.

3 – strokes

Stroke is a serious challenge when an interruption of the blood supply to the brain or to particular areas therein, and drop that happens as a result of the presence of blood clots or due to rupture of blood vessels.

Unfortunately, the 23% of persons who have suffered from strokes suffering afterwards from constant headaches or chronic and can continue for up to 3 months and more.

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4 – hormones

When difference occurs and in the balance of hormone levels can be so essential cause in the headaches, this explains the headaches at the menstrual periods.

5 – genetic factors

Play a role genetic factors in the headaches if one of your parents or both of them suffer from chronic headaches, which brings the possibility of infection you have.

6 – lifestyle and environmental factors

Lifestyle tension and stress and having a lot of psychological pressure at work or home or the community.

Environmental factors do not play an important role can be accompanied by headaches with seasonal changes and the vagaries of weather.

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What tells you a constant headache for?

ماذا يخبرك

May be the cause of constant headaches among the needs the former, but in turn this can be the headache is only the display tells you about something or a particular problem which violates the no, so the attention to what he says this headache!

1 – I’ve been through the pressure or you suffer a lot of stress

Traffic pressure, nervousness and exposure to a lot of tension and stress can help in case of headaches, negatively and makes it more severe and can suffer from other physical symptoms such as tiredness and fatigue – muscle pain – digestive problems and others.

Try to deal with that pressure and not allow him to drive it and stop thinking of bad things and problems you are experiencing.

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2 – you’re suffering from dehydration or not drinking enough water

In all types of headaches don’t have to look to your habits and your lifestyle, it is the most important factors that fulfill an important role and can be the cause of in various pains, fatigue and tiredness is the lack of the amount of water that is ingested.

The relationship between dehydration and headaches is not entirely clear, however scientists and experts believe that dehydration impairs the ability of the blood to reach all cells of the body with the required efficiency, the most important signs that indicate dehydration are: constant headaches – dry skin and the appearance of many of her problems – I said the amount of urine, color, dark yellow – swelling and swelling of the body.

So make sure to drink about 2 liters of water daily so that they are distributed as follows: a cup in the morning immediately upon waking – glass before each meal half an hour – a glass every half hour or hour during the work.

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3. you are suffering from anemia

Anemia is a condition produced by a deficiency in blood cell count resulting in lack of the blood’s ability to transport oxygen in the required quantity to the cells and tissues in the body, and is characterized by symptoms including: tiredness and fatigue – weakness – the inability to breathe comfortably – the lobby of the skin color – darkening around the eyes – headache persistent or chronic.

There are a range of reasons that lie behind the case of anemia: lack of iron intake – lack of vitamin B12 – sickle cell anemia, and in the case showed any of the symptoms of anemia do not have access to health care and appropriate treatment that the doctor prescribe iron supplements, vitamins in addition to the adoption of a healthy balanced diet.

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4 – you suffer from a chronic disease what

There are many chronic diseases that take the constant headaches one of the most important symptoms, the most important are: – diabetes – lupus – high blood pressure – low blood pressure – irritable bowel syndrome… it is important to conduct medical examinations and discuss the IS headaches with your doctor.

5 – suffering from inflammation and congestion in sinus

Sinus headache much like a migraine (90% of the people who expect to get a medical examination because of a sinus headache they suffer from migraine headaches), in all honesty fans the pain increases with bending forward, but not accompanied by a sinus headache, usually with vomiting or nausea, and sensitivity to the direction of the light.

6 – you modify your biological clock a

Likely exposure to the condition of headaches when you modify your biological clock, namely that you wake up at a time is usually sleeping or that sleeping in time is usually at the top of your activity in it, so the solution in this case is to stay within the routine you or near.

7 – you already drink a lot of caffeine

When you provide the body the quantity of caffeine blood vessels become narrower, and when you give up caffeine lose the vessels that can be formulated as a result of this need of headache (it’s like an addiction to caffeine), so you need not to eat large amounts of coffee and avoiding interruptions about it directly but gradually.

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Access to medical care

سبب الصداع المستمر

In general it is necessary to make systematic examinations but it is necessary to obtain medical care immediately in case of:

  • Severe headache and sudden.
  • Headache conjugated with a case of stiff neck.
  • The persistence of migraine for several days.
  • The presence of new symptoms and severe with headaches, such as: blurred vision or loss of onion – overheat – confusion and lack of coordination.

Cure constant headaches

علاج الصداع المستمر

After determining the cause and discover what is trying to a headache you tell you must work to treat constant headaches and it can be done as follows:

  • Medicines the pain after the debate the doctor.
  • Psychotherapy individually or with a group.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle convenient.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Follow the systems to a healthy diet.
  • Drinking sufficient amount of water.
  • Get enough sleep and rest.

There you go now you can determine the cause of the constant headaches and to tell you… so listen to him and deal with him to get rid of him once and for all.

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