Comprehensive guide for addiction food( food addiction)

The effects of certain foods on the brain make it difficult for some people to avoid them where food addiction is similar to addiction, which explains the inability of some people to control themselves on certain foods no matter how hard you try. Although not their desire that they may find themselves repeatedly eat large amounts of unhealthy foods, knowing that to do so may cause damage so looking to this article on food addiction and offer tips to overcome them.

What is addiction food?

Food addiction is the addiction to junk food can be compared to a drug addiction where it’s a relatively new term and controversial transfer of high quality statistics about its prevalence.

Similar to food addiction, with many other disorders including eating disorder, bulimia, overeating and other disorders of feeding and eating.

It’s a serious problem

Although the term addiction is often put in light the existence of a real addiction is a serious condition that usually requires treatment to overcome. Similar symptoms and thought processes associated with addiction food with those related to drug use. It’s just a different material, and may be social consequences less serious.

Can cause food addiction harmful physically and lead to chronic conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes in addition have a negative impact on a person’s self-image and the self, which makes him unhappy with his body. As is the case with the types of other addictions, may cause food addiction in losses of emotional and increases the risk of death of the person prematurely.

The effects of the addiction of food on the brain

Includes addiction to food the same areas of the brain such as drug addiction and also included the same neurotransmitters and many of the symptoms are identical between them so that the junk foods processing has a strong effect on the reward centers in the brain.

Occur these effects are due to the neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, including the most problematic foods typical junk foods like candy, soda, sugary foods, fried foods, high fat.

Don’t end a food addiction for a lack of Will, but it is believed it is caused by a signal of dopamine that affect the biochemistry of the brain.

8 common symptoms of addiction to food

1. Cravings despite feeling full

It is not uncommon to feel like the severe even after a meal is nutritious and satisfying ,for example after eating dinner with steak, potatoes and vegetables might have expected some people to eat ice cream and candy after a meal of the flesh.

Cravings and hunger are not the same thing as he spoke to the cravings when you feel the urge to eat something although you’ve already eaten or full, this is common and does not necessarily mean that someone has a food addiction.

Most people feel cravings for however if cravings occur frequently became to please her or to ignore difficult may be an indication of something else that cravings are not related to the need for energy or nutrients, but it’s the mind that calls for something called dopamine which is a chemical in the brain play a role in the feeling of human happiness.

2. Eat much more than intended

For some people there is no such thing as eating just one piece of chocolate or one piece of cake, where they bite one eat them.

The approach of all or nothing this is very common with addiction of any kind so that there is no such thing as mind and tell the infected person addiction food eat fast food in moderation is like telling someone addicted to alcohol drink in moderation and this is not possible.

3. Eating until feeling stuffed with excessive

When you surrender to the cravings you may not have the injured person is an addiction food for eating, so is the satisfaction of a desire. The realize after that they ate a lot of food so that their stomach’s completely full.

4. Feeling guilty after that, but repeat it soon

Try to control the consumption of unhealthy foods, and then surrender to the cravings that can lead to feelings of guilt. The person feels that he is doing something wrong or even serve the same in spite of these unpleasant feelings the infected person has an addiction the food would be this style.

5. Making excuses

The brain may be a strange thing especially in regard to addiction, Where can lead to take the decision to stay away from foods stimulating to someone to set rules for yourself. However, it may be difficult to follow these rules.

When you face cravings you may find the Egyptian addiction food ways to think about the rules and surrender to the cravings. It has like this line of thinking the thinking of a person who is trying to quit smoking have thought this person that if you didn’t buy a pack of cigarettes yourself, he’s not a smoker. However you may smoke a cigarette from the pack one of the friends.

6. Repeated failures at setting rules

When people suffer from the restraint they often set rules for themselves examples include sleep only in the performance weekend homework is always after school and drink coffee and never after a certain time in the afternoon.

For most people fail these rules almost always and the rules regarding eating is no exception. Where examples include eating a cheat meal one or cheat day per week and eating fast food only at parties or birthdays or holidays.

7. Hide eating from others

Often begins people who have a history in the development of rules and failures repeated at hiding their consumption of junk food from others. May prefer to eat alone or when there isn’t anyone else in the house or alone in the car or late at night after I go to anyone else to bed

8. Unable to quit despite physical problems

The foods you choose to eat can greatly affect your health in the short term where it can lead fast food to weight gain, acne and bad breath and poor dental health and other common problems.

Can lead fast food consumption over the life to obesity and type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia and even some types of cancer. It probably has a person who suffers from any of these problems related to eating unhealthy foods to help. Usually advised to the treatment plan designed by a specialist qualified to overcome eating disorders.

4 best treatment options for food

1. Programs the 12 step

One of the ways to address food addiction in finding the good program of 12 steps. This process is almost identical with the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) except for the addictive substance is different.

In a 12 step program to bringing people in meetings with others who also suffer from food addiction and in the end they get a sponsor to help them develop a specific diet and can be a social support to great effect when dealing with a food addiction.

It can be to find people who share similar experiences and is willing to help helpful in the recovery in addition to the software library from 12-step free are usually available all over the world there are many different programs to choose from:

  • Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is the option’s largest and most popular, with regular meetings around the world.
  • Greysheeters Anonymous (GSA) is similar to OA, but they provide a meal plan that includes a weigh and measure three meals a day. Although it is not a product such as OA, but they provide meetings via phone and Skype.
  • Include groups of other addicts food anonymous (FAA) addicted to food in Recovery Anonymous (FA).

Designed these kits to provide a space a welcoming and non-judicial.

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Showed approach myself called cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) great promise in the treatment of eating disorders such as binge eating disorder and bulimia where to buy these cases in many of the same symptoms of food addiction. When you search for a psychiatrist ask for a referral to someone who has experience in a food addiction or eating disorder related.

3. Treatment programs business

Usually the programs place of 12-step free but many of the treatment programs business also provide effective treatments for disorders of feeding and eating.

The main ones include:

  • Acorn: they offer many treatment options, most of them in the United States.
  • Milestones in recovery: located in Florida, it provides long-term treatment addiction food.
  • COR Retreat: located in Minnesota, offers a program for 5 days.
  • Control point: based in Florida, they have options for many of the disorders of feeding and eating.
  • Shades of Hope: located in Texas, offering programs period of 6 and 42 days.
  • PROMIS: based in the United Kingdom and the treatment of various disorders of feeding and eating.
  • Addiction Bittens: they offer a variety of options for those suffering from disorders of feeding and eating in Sweden.

4. Psychiatrists and drug therapy

While the food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any drugs to treat food addiction the medication is another option to consider however the drugs are not guaranteed to work with disorders of feeding, eating, and tend to have side effects.

Has been approved one of the drugs that must be taken into account by the food and Drug Administration to help in weight loss that contains bupropion naltrexone. Where it is marketed under the brand name Contrave in the United States وMysimba in Europe.

Targets of this drug directly to some of the brain pathways associated with the nature of addictive food studies suggest that it may be effective especially when combined with changes to lifestyle, health and in many cases may help depression and anxiety in disorders of feeding and eating. Where it is possible to help taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs in alleviating some of these symptoms.

Anti-depressant medications and anxiety do not cure of food addiction but it may be a useful tool to help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety this can allows the company to focus on recovery from the eating disorder or eating can be the psychiatrist to explain the different options available and provide recommendations based on the individual’s circumstances or the specific treatment plan.

11 a way to stop the addiction of unhealthy foods and sugars

1. A drink of water.

It is often confused with thirst and hunger or cravings for food if I felt the desire of the sudden eating a certain food, try drinking a large glass of water and wait a few minutes.

You may find that this desire fade because your body was in fact just thirsty furthermore may have to drink a lot of water many health benefits for people middle-aged and older drinking water before meals can reduce appetite, helps in weight loss.

2. Eat more protein

Eating more protein may reduce your appetite and prevents you from overeating. It also reduces cravings, helps you feel full and satisfied longer.

Shown one study of teenage girls are overweight that eating a breakfast rich in protein reduces cravings for food significantly showed another study conducted on men suffering from increase weight to increase protein intake to 25% of calories and reduce cravings for food by 60%. In addition, decreased desire to snack at night by 50%.

3. Distance yourself from Desire

When you feel cravings, try to distance yourself from it. For example, you can quickly walk or take a shower to stimulate your mind to something else. May help change the idea and the environment in stopping the cravings. Some studies have shown also that chewing gum can help reduce appetite and cravings.

4. Plans your meals

If possible, try planning your meals for the day or the next week. By knowing what you eat already, you spend on the factor of spontaneity and uncertainty to this step. If you didn’t have apples in what you eat at the next meal, will be less tempting and less vulnerable to the company.

5. To avoid feeling very hungry

Hunger is one of the biggest reasons which make us feel the cravings. To avoid severe hunger, it may be good to eat regularly and to eat healthy snacks at hand. It is through the willingness to avoid periods of hunger long, you may be able to prevent the onset of cravings at all.

6. Fight stress

Stress may lead to cravings for food and influence eating behaviors, especially for women where it turns out that women who are exposed to stress, eat fewer calories, more significantly, the laws of the cravings most of the women are tired.

Moreover increases the tension of the cortisol levels in the blood which is a hormone can make you gain weight especially in the belly area, so try to reduce stress in your environment through the planning, pre-meditation and relaxation in general.

7. Take a blender of spinach

Extract spinach is a complement to the “new” in the market, made from the leaves of the spinach. Studies suggest that intake of 3.7-5 g of the extract of spinach with a meal may reduce appetite and cravings for several hours.

Shown one study conducted on women with excess weight to 5 grams of the extract of spinach a day reduced the cravings for chocolate and foods high in sugar by a whopping 87-95%. the

8. Get enough sleep

Affected your appetite significantly hormones that fluctuate throughout the day which leads to sleep deprivation to disorder fluctuations, has lead to poor regulation of appetite and cravings.

Support studies that where show that people deprived of sleep are more prone to obesity by up to 55%, compared to people who get enough sleep for this reason you may be getting some good sleep one of the most powerful ways to prevent the emergence of cravings for food.

9. Eat healthy meals nutritious

Can cause hunger and lack of essential nutrients some cravings for food so it is important to eat a appropriate meal times. This way your body gets the nutrients it needs and will not feel very hungry after eating the food directly.

If you find yourself needing to snack between meals, make sure they are healthy and have access to Whole Foods, such as fruit or nuts or vegetables or seeds.

10. Don’t go to the supermarket wrong

Likely to be grocery stores are the worst places when you’re hungry or you have a strong desire first gives you easy access to pretty much any food you can think of. Secondly, put the big stores usually unhealthy foods at eye level and the best way to prevent cravings and eat in the store are shopping just after eating Health recently

How do you know whether to avoid fast food worth the sacrifice.

May seem to avoid the fast foods completely impossible because they are present in every place and a key part of the modern culture however, in some cases, may become completely abstain from certain foods stimulating is essential. Once you make a firm decision not to eat these foods again, you may become avoided easier, so is getting rid of the need to justify the addressed or non-addressed.

You may choose cravings also or fall significantly, so keep in mind write a list of pros and cons. for a change in the resolution.

Pros: this may include weight loss, and live longer, get more energy, and feel better every day.

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