Complications of diabetes and its risks to health of body

The elements of the decision

Related to complications of diabetes on the significantly too, because the sugar from the diseases that must be treated and not neglected, especially since the sugar from the chronic diseases that are not treatable but speak with a human.

Differ complications of diabetes between the sugar of the first type and of second type, and more.

Complications of diabetes of the first type

Diabetes of the first type, where the pancreas is regular insulin or produces little of it, one of the most important symptoms of this type of sugar:

  • The urge to urinate continuous feeling of thirst, excess.
  • Weight loss is not justified.
  • Severe hunger.
  • Feeling unbalanced, and dizziness.
  • In the case of children follow the children on their own at night.
  • General feeling of tiredness and fatigue with stress.

Know the symptoms of hidden sugar.

Usually what causes diabetes type one complications on the heart, blood vessels, nerves, and kidneys, but in the case of maintaining the level of sugar in blood the situation remains much safer.

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 مضاعفات مرض السكر Complications of diabetes

Complications of diabetes pathogenesis

Unfortunately, the sugar from the diseases that lead to other diseases more:

First, cardiovascular disease

Diabetes in general encourage the injury problems of the cardiovascular system, and encourages diabetes to injury, coronary artery disease with it (angina pectoris), and the crisis of heart.

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Secondly, the kidney damage

May cause diabetes in many patients the damage to the kidneys, where it destroys the sugar the kidneys and the organ which houses millions of blood vessels that expel waste products from the blood, and of course, the kidney damage may cause problems such as kidney failure.

Third nerve damage

In many patients cause sugar problems in the nerves in the walls of small blood vessels especially in the feet.

In the case of the negligent treatment of diabetes, the patient begins to feel a tingling or numbness often begins in the outskirts of the toes and the fingers of the hand, but with the neglect of treatment waiting twitching or pain up, unfortunately, in many cases is amputation.

Fourth pregnancy complications

Of course, sugar in pregnancy of serious problems that respond to medical care and continue to both mother and fetus.

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Sugar things that increase the likelihood of injury to a ventilator until the dead one of the birth defects .

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V. ill sight

Which of the things are very common in the case of sugar, because sugar is known to cause destruction of the blood vessels of the retina, which often lead to blindness., the Or injury water white, water blue.

The shortage of sugar

Means the transfer of sugar low sugar concentration in the blood is below 60 mg/dL, occurs because of several reasons, including:

  • Eating small amounts of food continuously.
  • May cause lack of breakage is high intake of sugar tablets or insulin.
  • Fasting without stopping or neglecting to eat some of the three main meals.
  • The hard work and large base.
  • Overindulgence of alcohol.

Ambulance patients transfer of blood sugar

  • First you must make sure that the patient is suffering from a lack of sugar, if the sugar level is below 70 mg/dL, in this case you must eat one of the foods or mashrabiya to the following.
  • Doctors recommend eating a cup of milk as a kind of first aid to treat the patient’s hypoglycemia.
  • You can eat two tablespoons of sugar or honey.
  • You can eat a little of fruit juice a half-cup for example.
  • Check the sugar again after the distances of the previous and specifically after 15 minutes, in the case of Shadow of the sugar below 70 mg/dL, has to be repeated again then re-test your blood sugar again after 15 minutes.
  • In the case of non-patient feels any improvement and continued symptoms prefer to go immediately to the doctor.

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High blood sugar acute

Is high blood sugar levels are very high (higher than 400 mg/dl) was up to 600 mg/dL, and in some cases may up the sugar to to the limits of 900 mg/dL .

Causes of high blood sugar acute

  • Increase the excess weight.
  • Pregnancy… is usually accompanied by certain conditions of the pregnant, high blood sugar.
  • Injury infections such as the flu.
  • Overindulgence in intake of sweetened and sugary.
  • Exposure to or crisis of the psyche or a big problem.
  • Exposure surgery.

We have provided you more information about the complications of diabetes and the difference between deficiency and increase the sugar.

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