Coexistence with cooling social in Ramadan



It became the refrigerant of the social and follow the rules of prevention, which was endorsed by the global organizations is the only solution that has the world in the face of the new coronavirus, with the lack of an effective vaccine so far, all institutions and governments to invite their citizens to stay at home, and with the approach of the holy month of Ramadan we, as a society, Muslim suffer because of this situation and the inability of the US to spread the Ramadan usual, we began to wonder how we can coexist with cooling social in Ramadan? And how can we get rid of the rage and that we’re going through? Follow us to find out the answer, dear readers.

The importance of social distancing.

You have to realize first, dear reader, that the cooling process is social, which means the cooling of physical at this stage have not been developed to provide our freedom, but to ensure our safety and preserve our lives and the lives of those we love, especially with the continuous increase in the numbers of designers around the world, cooling is made the only goal of which is to reduce the infection rate and protect healthy people from infection, and with the application of home insulation and cooling of the social, it will be possible to know the cases, and to avoid the transfer of infection from them to others.

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Coexistence with cooling social in Ramadan

We all know that cooling here certainly doesn’t mean that you feel alone or to be isolated from the others fully, but all it takes is to say cooling physical is for your own safety, if you feel the need of anger and frustration, all you have to do is follow the following steps even beyond this stage:

We were socially

Here you will need to remind yourself that it is just out of my body only, you can still communicate with friends and other family members through social media or by talking to them over the phone.

It’s time for the family.

Spend quality time with the family, this is the perfect time to enjoy with your family, where you can practice a number of family activities entertaining.

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Watch the news

Don’t listen to the news and TV directly to it, and the news circulating on social media, some of it misleading, just write the news twice daily to see the latest developments, for this to be news from reliable sources only.

Enjoy your life

Keep doing the things that you enjoy, you can enjoy your hobbies, as long as it can be done at home, if you can’t, it’s time to learn something new, and can benefit from the free educational to learn some new skills.

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Attention to your body.

Can affect our physical health on how we feel, and in times like these may be easy to practice many of the unhealthy habits, which may make us feel worse, so try to eat a healthy, balanced, and a sufficient amount of water, and workout regularly, get enough sleep, and avoid smoking.

You can leave the house alone or with your family, to practice some simple exercises such as walking, jogging or riding a bike, but remember to keep at a distance of 2 metres from others, or you can try one of the home exercises which takes 10 minutes, and in the case decided to go out, you must follow the steps of prevention, which was endorsed by the World Health Organization.

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Help others

The month of Ramadan is the optimal time to help others, don’t let your anxiety and your fear forget your difficult circumstances in this difficult time, remember that this is the perfect time to express our humanity, you can help others and your community through:

  • Agree with the others, and look for the people who need the help provided by them, whether they are the elderly or people with special needs, where they can spend their requests and provide what they need so they don’t expose them to the risk of injury due to the conflict of the street.
  • Donations banks food existing in your country, in these times there be need to extend them a helping hand, don’t have to share in the purchase of your needs, and helped the other either for food or money.
  • Follow the instructions to prevent the spread of the virus, because it protects others from injury.
  • Tried to calm those around you, and don’t be a source to promote the rumors.
  • Treat others gently.

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Now at the end of the article did you know dear reader how can coexistence with cooling social in Ramadan?And how they can help others at this stage? Tell us in the comments do you make any of these methods that we have provided to you? And how did you deal with it? And adheres to the stand that was mentioned in the video?

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