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Good evening, doctor, if I may choose I heard the pulse of the navel and asked Holder are confirmed after the labs, but I heard it’s when there is a pulse in the navel does not occur pregnancy, and I tried to try, but I don’t hear the pulse in the navel and at the same time I suffer from symptoms similar to the symptoms of pregnancy, I want to know what the health of this dog?

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There is no scientific evidence that proves the validity of this speech, there was no relationship between hearing test the pulse of the navel of the requested bearer as described, but just see and experience the personality of women old because he could not work trying to load, they think that the absence of a pulse a guide to stop the ovaries from working which is what happens in the case of pregnancy.

But there is no proof of this opinion, and you can judge by the symptoms you’re experiencing which occurs in the beginning of the pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, and the desire to sleep, all these symptoms can give you the probability of the occurrence of pregnancy, I advise you to go for a pregnancy test because the only way they can detect the pregnancy hormone in the urine or blood can therefore confirm the pregnancy.

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