Choose a medication appropriate protection most important symptoms and tips important for the treatment

The elements of the decision

So many people are looking for drug protection rid of the burning sensation on GERD symptoms a lot of which affect the process of digestion and make the person feel tired.

The bathroom is a sense of energy in the stomach and the throat and chest produces because of reflux stomach acids towards the esophagus and cause the sensation of indigestion and discomfort, especially after eating.

Choosing a drug protection

When you select the campaign begins the search for a drug treatment and reduce symptoms, often bear the symptoms of fever using certain drugs that reduce the feeling of energy and of the digestive process, and the types of drugs used in this are the following:

1 – counter medications for acidity

These drugs work to reduce the treatment of stomach acidity thereby providing quick comfort to the teacher, but these medications do not treat the height of the esophagus, stomach, and diarrhea or some problems to the kidneys if it is over-used.

2. the drugs anti anti-histamine

Abuse of these drugs fever through the inhibition of the histamine causing the acidity of the stomach, and is addressed by eating at least half an hour before bedtime to help the patient to relax, and of these drugs given, the Famotidine, but over-ingested causes nausea and dizziness and diarrhea and sore throat and a runny and sore nose.

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3 – drugs to regulate the stomach

These drugs work to stimulate the process of digestion and facilitate the exit of waste products, which prevents the survival of the acids with long handles and a sense of protection, and treats GERD, but may occur some side effects such as dizziness and nausea.

4 – drugs inhibitory to pump the proton

Controlled of these drugs on the production of stomach acids and reduce the feeling of heartburn, and eat them before eating about half an hour, and protect the esophagus from reflux, but you should not overdo it so as not to cause vomiting, nausea, headache, and dizziness.

Months medication on to treat cramps, colic, gas and acidity

دواء الحموضة وحرقة المعدةMedication protection and freedom of

Causes of acid reflux.

Determine the acidity of the stomach as a result of some reasons including:

– Eating some foods that cause pressure on the stomach, poor digestion and increase the secretion of acids, such as fatty foods and Island Cuisine, Fried, Fried and spices.

– Intake of some medicines without consulting a doctor, such as painkillers and aspirin.

– Intake of alcoholic beverages.

– Intake of beverages containing caffeine, carbonated drinks and chocolates.

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– The intake of acidic beverages, such as tomato, lemon, orange, grapefruit.

– Smoking and exposure to cigarettes and uses.

– Obesity and excess weight cause the burden on the stomach and for the stomach acids esophagus.

– During pregnancy, the increased size of the uterus and abdomen in severe pressure on the stomach resulting in higher acids and the incidence of heartburn.

– Incidence of certain diseases can lead to acidity, such as gastric ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease and diabetes.

جافيسكون دواء الحموضةEven medication protection

Symptoms of acid reflux.

Cause stomach acidity in some of the symptoms of which are:

– Feeling the energy in the stomach and a burning sensation in the chest.
– The sensation of bitterness in the mouth.
– Unpleasant smell in the mouth especially after waking up from sleep.
– Vomiting of a sudden.
– Feeling of suffocation during sleep cough.
– A severe drought period.
– Infections of the gums bleeding.
– The height of the acids of the stomach esophagus.
– Gas buildup in the intestines feeling bloated.
– Indigestion frequent constipation.
– Nausea and discomfort.
– Frequent belching after eating.
– Change the color of stool the color black.
– Appearance of blood in vomit as a sign of inflammation of the stomach, colon and esophagus.
– Rapid loss of weight.
– Difficulty in swallowing.
– Hoarseness and roughness in the sound.
– Inflammation and dryness in the throat.
– Scars esophageal.
– A chronic cough and constant.
– Esophageal cancer in the late stages.

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Tips to treat acidity

Can cure a fever when feeling symptoms annoying and should not be neglected treatment until complications do occur strong, one of the most important tips for treatment include:

– Stay away from eating fatty foods and fatty fast food.
– Reduce intake of drinks rich in caffeine.
– Stay away from smoking.
– Eat healthy foods and vegetables and fresh fruit.
– Eat a lot of water and natural juices.
– Eat a quick, light divided throughout the day.
– Exercise, especially walking, to help stimulate digestion and reduce acidity.
– Drink soothing herbal Institute special fennel and star anise, caraway.
– Eat a fever medicine right after consulting a doctor for the convenience of the teacher and reduce the height of the esophagus.

So the choice of medication protection depends on the health condition of the patient, should consult the doctor to detect the source and to identify drugs that fit his condition and prescribe appropriate doses accurately.

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