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The cervix is a muscular tube strong, the bottom end forms the neck of the uterus, which swell a little in the vagina, inside the cervix with mucous membrane, where it prevents the viscous liquid (mucus neck) resulting from the glands of the mucous membrane of the various pathogens from entering the uterus middle of the vagina, but what if there is injury to the cervix? In this article, we will explore the symptoms of cervical cancer and how it is contracted, and what are the ways to cure it.

Causes of cervical cancer

The disease occurs almost always due to inflammation of long-term viruses, there are many types of different viruses. It affects the cells of the skin and mucous membranes transmitted during sexual intercourse or through skin contact in the genital area, the infection through body fluids like sperm or blood or saliva is considered unlikely, with most women infected at some point in their lives, many aged between 20 and 30 years, as can men get HIV, cervical cancer and pass it on to their wives.

I usually go the infection unnoticed, changes can occur tissue temporary (dysplasia) in the mucosa of the cervix, these often disappear on their own.

However, sometimes, lasts papillomavirus in the mucous membrane of the reserves for several years or decades, then cancer precursors, and then cervical cancer can develop slowly.

Stages of cervical cancer

Affects the spread of the tumor in the body to choose the treatment, in order to characterize the tumor more accurately, it is split into different stages according to its size, the system uses the tnm which the disease is classified according to its size and its spread is divided into stages :

  • First stage: the cancer is limited on the throat of the uterus.
  • Phase II: develop cancer the cervical region and the upper part of the vagina.
  • Phase II: the spread of cancer in the lower part of the vagina or internally in the side wall of the pelvis.
  • Stage IV: the cancer has spread to nearby organs, such as the bladder or rectum or spread to other areas of the body such as the lungs, liver or bone.

أعراض سرطان عنق الرحم

أعراض سرطان عنق الرحم

The symptoms of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer takes years to decades to develop from changes in the tissues, these are often harmless and cause little discomfort, if the development of cancer, they can note the symptoms of cervical cancer the following:

  • Unusual bleeding after intercourse, outside of the natural period of or after the last menstrual period in menopause
  • Foul smelling vaginal discharge sometimes
  • Fatigue and weight loss
  • Pain in the abdomen and pelvis
  • Pain when urinating

When the cause of cervical cancer the previous symptoms, it is often in advanced stages when symptoms of cervical cancer this should visit a doctor immediately.

Risk factors for cervical cancer

Certain groups of women have symptoms of cervical cancer more than others, this applies to bloggers, for example, perhaps because the immune system less effective in fighting viruses, there are diseases such as AIDS or drugs taken after an organ transplant weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to infection with HPV, because the virus is transmitted vocals by contact sex.

All the factors and behaviors that increase the overall risk of morbidity associated with sexually are also considered risk factors for cervical cancer.

أعراض سرطان عنق الرحم

أعراض سرطان عنق الرحم

The diagnosis of cervical cancer

There is a suspicion of cancer as a result of the symptoms of cervical cancer or cervical screening or gynecological examination, during the examination, the gynecologist says to clear the uterus through the abdominal wall and the vagina, in addition to that, the introduction of a speculum into the vagina to examine the tissue on the cervix, if there are significant changes, can be examined tissue located on the neck of the uterus with a type of magnifying glass (Colposcopy), and can also be taken a sample of the tissue, is examined in the laboratory.

If we confirm a suspicion of precursors or cancer, the further procedure depends on the progress of the tissue, can remove small changes or tumors through the cone.

Necessary to conduct additional examinations such as ultrasound, X-ray, MRI or CT scan if the cancer has spread to deep tissue layers, in addition, the examination is the mirror of the abdomen in the Algarve, where the removed lymph nodes, based on these tests can assess how advanced the tumor is.

Early detection of cervical cancer

Can recognize precursors of cancer of the cervix and removed through screening tests when you see any of the symptoms of cervical cancer before it develops into cervical cancer, to do this, testing is done to smear the cell, also known as a Pap test, you are offered this as a subsidy cash once in a year starting the age of twenty, since the introduction of these studies in the seventies of the twentieth century, was a much smaller number of women developing cervical cancer compared to previous decades.

For those insured by law, will be introduced early detection of soon in the future, there will be revealed to women aged 35 years every three years with screening virus human papillomavirus infection, in both tests, it is taking a smear from the cervix and examined in a laboratory, can women between 20 and 34 perform a Pap test yearly as before.

Follow a few tips when cervical cancer

Requires cervical cancer are often the result of late rare to be infected with the cervical cancer certain, so at least in theory, there are three ways to prevent possible

  • Abstain from sex or use condoms, vaccination against the virus of cervical cancer in girls, early detection, and remove changes in the tissues.
  • Anyone who wants to protect himself safe from infection you should be familiar enough with symptoms of cervical cancer .
  • Can condoms can effectively protect from many diseases development and thus it is certainly useful to change sex partners.
  • Vaccination is available for girls and women who didn’t develop after living with cervical cancer.

What are the chances of healing?

Can treat the early stages when you discover the symptoms of cervical cancer early, with the presence of tumors “true”, the label of malignant tumors, invasive, and considered the chances of success of the treatment on the extent of the disease and the extent of the process, if it can be removed tumor tissues entire by way of the process, the chances treatment will be favorable, in the most advanced stages or in case of relapse, be a permanent cure less likely, but in some cases it is possible, if metastases have already formed, the primary goal of treatment is to enable the patient to live with the disease without symptoms for as long as possible.

أعراض سرطان عنق الرحم

أعراض سرطان عنق الرحم

What’s the chance of cancer of the uterus?

Is a celebration of healing and to choose the method of treatment on the stage of the cancer and the overall health situation and also on the type of the tumor tissue, there are also different classifications here:

  • Lesson 1: Outlook good.
  • Lesson 2: expectations moderate.
  • Lesson 3: the worst expectations

In the early stages, affect the case of the receptors, and also on the growth of cancer in the cervix.

The survival rate for 5 years for all stages is 65.1%, and broken down by Phase, This is 72.3% for the first problem, 56.4% for the second problem, 31.5% for the second and 10.6% for the fourth problem, the quality of life usually not be severely restricted after surgery or radiation therapy, some women suffer from lymphoedema in the legs, which can be treated by draining the lymphatic system, and the quality of the support.

Treatment of cervical cancer

In the case of the presence of a tumor in a very early stage which is a symptom of cervical cancer, the intervention may be small in the cervix (the cone) is enough, if the tumor is already to the surrounding tissue, doctors recommend usually surgery includes the removal of the entire uterus (hysterectomy). In addition, the removed lymph nodes are widespread.

Still is irradiation an option if it is no longer possible to remove the tumor by surgery, for some patients, can be combined with chemotherapy.

In the end, most of us have been on the symptoms of cervical cancer, and similar, and the stages you pass by, and the treatment and if I felt or saw one of the symptoms of cancer of the cervix previous to your body or on one of your acquaintances have advised her to go to the doctor immediately. each building helps in increasing the effect of the treatment.

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