Celery soup slimming


We will talk in this article about the soup of celery for slimming through the site of the idea that the soup celery is one of foods that help to lose weight in a very effective way because it contains few calories and low fat to see them in detail in this article.

What celery soup

  • Prepare soup celery of the recipies that valuable food. very useful for weight loss but with get away from adding butter or cream or milk and even add some spices and herbs useful, which help in the process of burning accumulated fat in the body, such as the addition of pepper or garlic or parsley or thyme or other herbs and spices useful .

What are the components of celery soup

  • Talk Soup the celery in a tablespoon of olive oil with the celery and chopped onion and add also the chicken broth and fat free with garlic salt, black pepper, parsley, and then begin to prepare .

How to make celery soup for slimming

  • First we put oil on the fire in a pot and then put the celery and onion in the bowl and stir them together well then add the chicken broth, garlic, parsley and black pepper and then we add the milk.
  • Transfer her and leave her. then we put this mixture in a blender to become mixed with and then we put milk and if we can put the potatoes .

The benefits of eating celery

  • There are many benefits of cars like that because it contains few calories and low-fat too. it helps in lose weight in a way noticeable and effective .
  • There are in the celery soup a lot of vitamins useful for the health of the human which helps him to do his work by providing the necessary energy .
  • Containing celery soup a lot of acids and nutrients such as folic acid, which help protect the body from chronic diseases such as cancers of various types .
  • Soup celery contain fewer calories and fats by very few so it prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and protects the arteries and hardening and Thrombosis and other diseases as well as containing celery soup dietary fiber is important for the health of the human body which increase the feeling of satiety and fullness for a period of time which helps to lose weight .
  • Helps intake of celery soup in the treatment of migraine headaches and the nervous system, from convulsions and agitation as well as carrying addressed the occurrence of the problem of osteoporosis .
  • Holds eating soup celery of increasing the proportion of cholesterol in the body .
  • It also helps celery soup also to control and regulate the level of sugar in the body .
  • Help also soup celery protect the body from inflammation of the joints, tendons, and protect it from gout as well as to protect the gastrointestinal tract from the stomach pain and inflammation by ulceration, its the problem of indigestion and difficult to digest .
  • Benefits eating celery soup in the supply of body salts that are lost during the measurement of his work or exercise .

Damage to celery

  • May cause eating celery when some very sensitive missions .
  • Also eat celery in a big way disproportionate to the likelihood of some diseases because it contains a high proportion of sodium .

Soup celery and accursed

  • Have we mentioned before that soup celery contain fewer calories and fats by low-this helps me lose weight when you follow a proper diet and healthy since it contains a lot of dietary fiber, that helps too. I have a feeling of satiety and fullness in eating it in limited quantities, this leads in the end to lose weight way very effective .

Have questions about soup celery for slimming use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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