Causes pressure on the teeth

أسباب الضغط على الأسنان

أسباب الضغط على الأسنان

If you suffer from the problem of pressure on the teeth affiliated with us dear reader this article to learn the causes of pressure on the teeth and what are the ways that you can follow to reduce their damage to the jaw and teeth.

Causes pressure on the teeth

I don’t understand doctors completely the cause of this phenomenon but that may be due to a variety of factors, physical, psychological, and budget, including the following:

  1. If a person presses on his teeth when he’s awake it may be due to problems such as anxiety or stress or anger or frustration or usually occur during focus and deep.
  2. If a person presses on the teeth during sleep may be due to sleep disturbance or nightmares.

Know with us on some of the factors that increase the risk of developing this phenomenon as follows:

  • Stress: increased anxiety or stress or anger or frustration can lead to the emergence of that phenomenon.
  • Action: this phenomenon is common in small children, but usually disappear in adulthood.
  • Personality type: having the type of personality the aggressive or competitive or hyperactivity can increase this phenomenon.
  • Medications: this may be a phenomenon of the side effects are not common to some psychiatric medications such as antidepressants.
  • May lead to smoke tobacco or drink beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol or use of drugs of various kinds to increase the risk of this phenomenon.
  • Other disorders: can be associated this phenomenon with some health disorders and Medical such as Parkinson’s disease, the dementia, the nightmares, the height of the esophagus, the conflict, the sleep related disorders like sleep apnea, the disorder of hyperactivity and attention deficit in children.

Different causes pressure on the teeth and relieve the problems caused by them, and those problems are the following:

  • Headaches resulting from tension.
  • Sharp pain in the face or jaw or ears.
  • Disorders of the TMJ.
  • The occurrence of fractures or cracks to the teeth.
  • Breaking with fillers.

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Ways to get rid of the pressure on the teeth

After that you know the causes of pressure on the teeth to know some ways to get rid of this phenomenon as follows:

  1. Proof of the mouth, if you suffer from the phenomenon of tooth grinding during sleep, it will help Protective the mouth custom in protecting your teeth from damage and may also reduce the output pressure on your jaw.
  2. Botox, the researchers found evidence that injection of Botox may reduce pain and grinding of the teeth resulting from pressure on the teeth, but still this evidence need more research to confirm its safety and effectiveness.
  3. Biofeedback, is a technique designed to help people realize the power and eliminate it, it can be used to alleviate the phenomenon of pressure on the teeth.
  4. Reduce the pressure nerve, may be linked to pressure on the dental problems of mental health such as depression, stress and anxiety, but this theory need more research to link the phenomenon of pressure on the teeth to those problems, but can be adopted to reduce the pressure as one of the solutions to alleviate the problems associated with gritting teeth as pain the teeth and jaws.

It can also help exercise muscles of the tongue and jaw muscles to relax your jaw and facial muscles and maintain proper alignment of the jaw, and you can try this method at home or with your physiotherapist and do those exercises, follow the following:

Open your mouth widely while you touch your tongue to your front teeth, this helps to relax the jaw, you can also try to massage the jaw muscles gently to help relax the muscles.

At the end of our article about the causes of the pressure on the teeth , we hope that we have answered to your questions, my dear reader, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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