Causes of night sweats

Night Sweats is to increase the secretion of sweat through the night. I must at the outset make sure that the cause is not the temperature of the room or the amount of dresses feedback, it is normal. Night sweats patients is the feeling to land hot and sweating during the night even though wearing light clothing and the temperature of the room appropriate.

There’s another case different from night sweats and is redness and is a warmth and redness of the face and body.

There are many causes of night sweats knowing I don’t have a doctor review the medical history in full and that performs the various checks to determine if the cause of a condition. Of known etiology for the night:

  1. Menopause. Accompany the period of menopause hot flashes and may increase during the night and cause sweating and this is one of the reasons very common and polluting the night when women.
  2. Hyperhidrosis. And is the condition of the body secrete large amounts of sweat without any medical reason.
  3. Infections. Safety the most common ones but there are infections other bacterial cause sweating such as inflammation of the heart valves, inflammation of the bone, abscesses in addition to AIDS.
  4. Cancer. Of the early signs of some types of cancer is night sweats. Of more types of cancer linked to sweating the night is lymphoma in addition to other symptoms such as weight loss unexplained and protection.
  5. They aremedications. May cause the intake of certain drugs to night sweats, such as medicines for depression where to 8-22% of patients who take medications for depression suffer from night sweats. There are some other psychiatric drugs linked by sweating night. May cause fever-reducing medicine such as aspirin and acetaminophen to increased sweating.
  6. The low level of sugar in the blood. May treat patients with diabetes who are taking diabetes medications, oral or insulin, low blood sugar level during the night and which is accompanied by sweating.
  7. They aredisorders of hormones. May be accompanied by sweating or hot flashes many cases, hormone disorders such as pheochromocytoma, syndrome cancer and to thyroid activity.
  8. Cases nerve. Although it is common only to some neurological conditions such as malfunction of the reflected and independent, syringomyelia, strokeand autonomic neuropathy may cause increased sweating and may therefore lead to night sweats.



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