Causes of hair loss in the front and is rapidly medication

Surprising to some of whether they are men or women with hair loss, and can be from the front, or even from the roots from any region of the head, which may continue for a long time or short, and then people go back to sleep again, you might see some who suffer from hair loss that you don’t need to consult a doctor, but in all cases you should visit a doctor to learn the causes of hair from the front, and stop to help him, how is is fast.

Causes of hair loss from the front

The lightness of the hair from the front, the problem facing a lot that makes them ask so much what are the causes of hair loss from the front as causing the appearance of improper it may appear thick from the back, and light from the front, with spaces marked, in spite of the interest in the company, this is due to:

  • The most important causes are genetic factors.
  • Hormonal disorder.
  • The low level metals, and zinc (anemia).
  • Intake of some medicines.
  • Stress, tension and feelings of anxiety.
  • Improper handling of the hair and ventilate it in the required format.
  • Lack of water intake enough so that at least 8 glasses a day.

أسباب تساقط الشعر من الأمام الأكثر شيوعًا

Causes of hair loss from the front the most common

The hair is much human health because hair loss of the common things that to some don’t think it’s related to health, and this is the leading causes of hair loss from the front:

  • Malnutrition.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • A lack of proteins and vitamins.
  • Smoking.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Injuries.
  • Undergo surgery.
  • The presence of infections in the scalp.
  • The presence of fungal infections in the head.
  • The occurrence of disorders in autoimmune.
  • To undergo chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B complex.
  • Taking certain medications cause hair loss such as depression medications.
  • Exposure to crises, mental and neurological.
  • A work in progress.

Causes of hair loss from the front women

Expected to encounter a lady of every three women hair loss, because hormones are the most important causes of hair loss in the front in addition to some other reasons which include: –

  • Genetic factors.
  • Civil government on the one hairstyle for.
  • Excessive use of dye, chemicals lead to make the hair more brittle, and break easily.
  • Traffic to the period of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The intake of pills.
  • Use a blow dryer in hair styling excessively.
  • Injury women with polycystic ovary.
  • Diet harsh weight loss.
  • Disorder the mood of a woman.

Types of hair loss as made by the doctors

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases, including a resting phase where the hair growth, which when you start at an early stage about the time of a normal start suffering with hair loss, that there are different types such as:

  • Hair loss that occurs suddenly as a result of illness, injury, autoimmune, occurs where the immune system attacks the hair follicles the wrong way, and you need almost loses the source of his hair fully and then should be again.
  • Natural hair loss which results when the work in progress, has also become shorter than the length.
  • Baldness typical for males which experienced men and shows from the first the age of Twenty, has come from the ladies also the beginning of the age of forty.
  • Hair full of head, face (eyebrows and eyelashes) occurs as a result of an autoimmune disorder.
  • Hair loss that results from some disorders such as the causes of hair loss from the front I have a version called (the Fox front-end) as a result of menopause, injury with the skin.
  • Hair loss as a result of a psychiatric disorder called doctors (trichotillomania), the bank will cut the hair, which leads to the destruction of the hair follicles, and thus won’t be able hair to grow again.
  • May cause hair loss as a reaction to the suffering of human suffering which betrays its like suffering with a cancer audit, or the intake of drugs depression after going through a psychological crisis, stress and anxiety, and asks for this type (TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM), which leads to hair thinning or shedding.

أنواع تساقط الشعر

Symptoms of hair loss that respond to a visit to the doctor

Some may think that the hair loss is normal, it is already so, but in the case of increasing the natural hair loss that ranges between 50 to 100 hairs a day, with the appearance of some other symptoms that we should consult a doctor: –

  • Hair thinning gradually notice its source.
  • Help people for no apparent reason, especially after bathing or when you use the brush.
  • Shows the letter M on the front of the head.
  • Note the occurrence of hair in places of the country, whether on the pillow or on the clothes.
  • Loss people from all aspects of the head.
  • The presence of clumps of hair on the pillow.
  • The number of people falling to 150 hairs per day or more.

After learning about the symptoms of hair loss that respond to visit a doctor if you notice the appearance of any of the previous symptoms mentioned by you or someone close to you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

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How is the diagnosis of hair loss

A decision to consult a doctor of the most important decisions that everyone must do after watching the symptoms, even to know the causes of hair loss from the front that way, and to receive medical help for germination of new hair, which is why the doctor to ask some questions to look for the causes of hair loss from the front like:

كيف يتم تشخيص تساقط الشعر

  • If the reasons are satisfactory.
  • No sign of hormone.
  • The history of genetics.
  • Drugs that are ingested.
  • Daily habits carried out by the bank.
  • Since when noticing the source of hair loss.

After knowing the answer to those questions on the basis of which the ordering physician performs some tests to verify the causes of hair loss from the front that include:

  • Ordering the doctor performs a full blood test to know the level of iron and hemoglobin, the level of thyroid hormone.
  • Biopsy: in some cases the doctor take a biopsy of scalp tissue for examination has a laboratory to verify the presence of some fungi or bacteria, or other infections.

Ways to get rid of the registry and tweaked the hair quickly

Can’t walk on base and the way one cure for all suffer from hair loss, you must initially identify the causes of hair loss from the front, and eradicate if satisfactory drugs, then the traffic plan of treatment for germination of hair from the front, quickly, that some of the effective ways to:

  • (Minoxidil) 5% or 2%: is one of the most common drugs for use in stimulating the germination of hair and stop recording, is an effective treatment for people aged less than 40 years, and city government several months is applied to the place twice a day, and, of course, is to use it after consulting your doctor.
  • Injection of corticosteroids: in which the doctor of the rights of the affected areas of the scalp it helps in easing the delivery, and circulation to improve hair, usually carried out every one or 8 weeks according to what the doctor sees fit.
  • Finasteride: it is used for men who are suffering from the registry to slow the hair fall and to stimulate the growth of it is taking it one day at a time.
  • Spironolactone: a very effective treatment for ladies experiencing hair loss from the front that works on off-label with increasing the thickness of the hair, which is effective by a large percentage and in the germination of hair quickly.
  • Central: is topical treatments that operate with high efficiency, is applied to the hair once a day and then rinse it with cold water and continue to develop for up to three months.
  • Shampoo ketoconazole: eliminates fungi that cause hair loss, in addition to reducing the proportion of hormone is equal to falling, and no side effects permanently.

After that we know the causes of hair loss in the front and its types and ways to grow hair quickly, which is already effective, you need also on a healthy balanced diet contains all the vitamins and minerals and eat a lot of water and fluids, elimination of pathological causes, if any.

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