Causes of dandruff in hair in winter and how it can be treated

Dandruff in the hair show in winter a large quantity in the hair because of dryness and the skin in that period, leaving women for ways to forecast until it is disposed of.

The reasons behind the frequent dandruff in the hair in winter

I said showers

In the winter less than the number of bathing times because of the severity of the cold, it is called Frequent be fat and dead skin on the skin, so of the biggest reasons responsible for be veneer.


Getting the desire to wear head coverings in the hair to reduce the feeling of coolness and willingness to pay, it appears the hair covered for a long time, which increases the accumulation of its crust.

The scalp

Increase the chances of injury to the skin for dehydrated, contributing to it significantly be dandruff, the reason behind the drought is the cooler air of winter, and the people.

Causes of dandruff in the hair in general

There are other factors working to be the cortex of the hair at different times of the year, not winter only, such as:

قشرة الشعر

The lack of adequate nutrients to the body

Helps maintain healthy hair and protect it from the crust of some important nutrients such as vitamin B and omega 3 and zinc, but in the case of a deficiency of these elements of the hair to wilt and the transfer of its vitality and that’ll be the crust.

Some dermatological problems

The reason may be the emergence of dandruff hair density is the incidence of some skin diseases such as: psoriasis, eczema, and inflammation of the scalp that occur for the scalp and crusting.

Infections of the skin fat

Where he says that the inflammation for the skin of scalp hair, increase the chance to be the cortex, which constitutes a suitable environment to be fungus on the scalp, and on food by oils produced by the follicles.

Thus an increase in the productivity of those cells, causing them to die and flaking, resulting in dandruff and itching feeling of satiety.

Treatment of dandruff in a natural

You should refrain from hair dye in the winter

Containing tinctures on the harmful chemicals, causing increased dryness of the skin in addition to dryness of winter, you must stop using any cosmetics to increase skin dryness, especially during winter.

Not eating sugars

Works increase the intake of sugars, to increase the secretion of hair oils, increasing the appearance of dandruff in the hair scalp during the winter.


May be a factor in the be dandruff, it is preferable when nervous feeling that are doing nothing helps to relax as a practitioner of any activity or listen to music or read a book.

Keep away from heat

We use in the winter, hair dryers and repeatedly after bathing to hear from the process of drying hair, but we don’t know why that habit of a bad habit on the hair, they are considered more general and responsible for the appearance of dandruff.

Because they cause dryness of the scalp hair and the beginning of the emergence of the crust, increasing with the repetition of those general.

Rely on healthy foods

Some types of foods treatment of dandruff and Prevention of hair, you should increase the intake in the winter such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and eggs.

Increased drinking water

In the winter decreases the desire to drink water in the right amounts, affecting that the body moisture, they should be eating appropriate amounts of not less than 8 glasses daily, to keep skin moist.

Combing the good of the company

He says combing the hair scalp to stimulate blood circulation in that area, and the increasing oils that help protect the hair scalp and make it healthy.

قشرة الشعر

Recipes to cure dandruff in winter

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps greatly in the elimination of dandruff hair by mixing one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water, and the mixture on the hair and you even 5 minutes, and wash using lukewarm water, must be alert not to repeat that recipe only once a week.

A blend of natural oils

Help the natural oils in the solution to most hair problems, especially the treatment in the treatment of dandruff, then mix a set of oils.

Such as: coconut oil, olive oil and neem oil, castor oil and almond oil, and add simple drops of tea tree oil, because it is effective and without significant anti-dandruff and massage the scalp for 30 minutes and then wash the hair thoroughly.

The juice of garlic and onions

Thought garlic and onions from the food that have a high percentage of the substance allicin which reduce the availability of the fungus responsible for the availability of the crust.

It is used to access by placing equal amounts of garlic juice and onion with the honey white, and good and the people that access and then wash after 15 minutes.

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