Causes of cervical cancer

أسباب سرطان عنق الرحم

أسباب سرطان عنق الرحم

There are some common diseases that affect women, including cervical cancer, you know with us in this article on causes of cervical cancer and its symptoms that help in the early detection of this disease.

What is cervical cancer?

Is the occurrence of changes in the cells of the mask located in between the uterus and vagina may be for this type of cancer that spreads in the rest of the members of the body are the liver, bladder and colon.

Most cases of cervical cancer occur due to HPV which can be avoided by using some of the vaccines.

Grows cervical cancer slowly which saves some time to discover the disease and treatment before the development of symptoms and the appearance of complications, most cases infected with this disease are between the ages of 35 and 44 years old.

Causes of cervical cancer

There are multiple factors that increase the risk of cervical cancer which can avoid some changes on the incidence of this disease, including:

  • Early marriage before the age of 16 years or after one year of puberty
  • Use the pill for more than 5 consecutive years
  • Smoking. Smoking is the main cause of many cancerous tumors in the body
  • The weak areas of the body
  • Infection with HPV which can be transmitted through sexual relationship

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Types of cervical cancer

There is more than one type of cervical cancer depending on the type of infected cells as follows:

Squamous cell carcinoma

This type of cancer affects the cells lining the cervix which is 90% of the incidence of this disease

Cancer of the glandular cells

Affects this type of cancer cells responsible for the secretion of mucus in the cervix, there is also another type occurs when the cancer spreads in all cells of the cervical lining cells, glandular with.

The symptoms of cervical cancer

After that we mentioned the causes of cervical cancer must learn its symptoms, where this disease is accompanied by the appearance of any symptoms, especially in the beginning of the infection because the cancer cells in this region develop very slowly, but in the case of enlargement of the tumor can note these symptoms:

  • Pain during exercise intimacy
  • The appearance of bleeding after intimacy, or after reaching the age of despair
  • Discharge unusual vaginal

After the spread of the disease in all the cells can note the appearance of these symptoms:

  • Pain in the pelvic area
  • Pain during urination
  • Swelling of the feet
  • Renal failure
  • Pain in the bones
  • Weight loss in a remarkable manner and loss of appetite
  • Exhaustion and general weakness

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Method of diagnosis of cervical cancer

In the case of feeling the symptoms of cancer of the cervix by the doctor taking a swab of cells lining the cervix are then examined to confirm the presence of any changes in their nature, if they note any changes on these cells is the taking of another sample from the cervix to allow liver biopsy to confirm the disease.

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When should visit the doctor

After you know the causes of cervical cancer you should visit your doctor when you note these changes:

  • The appearance of bleeding after the menopause so that the phenomenon of the more phenomena possible cancer of the cervix
  • In the case of heavy bleeding during your period or in the period between the two states
  • The appearance of bleeding after intimacy

Where can bleeding repeated to cause general weakness, dizziness and possibly fainting, and if you have questions again you can consult one of our doctors here

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