Cancer of the brain most important symptoms and methods of treatment and diagnosis of disease

The elements of the decision

Considered a disease of brain cancer from more types of tumors dangerous because it causes a lot of trouble for the whole body as difficult to treat and early diagnosis, which is either concentrated in the brain and the brain only or move on to the rest of the parts of the body gradually, causing symptoms ranging in severity and intensity as at which stage of the disease according to the age of the patient and his health, and needs it for his car fast to save the patient’s life, and this is what will his next report, which will provide symptoms and methods of diagnosis, treatment and protection of the source of complications.

The most important symptoms of brain cancer

Upon the occurrence of a cancerous tumor in the brain it causes a range of symptoms and signs the most important of which are the following:

• Headache and pain in the head increases with time.
• Vomiting and feeling light-headed, nausea especially in the morning.
• Blurring in eye and vision in an unprecedented way.
• Loss of feeling in the extremities.
• Numbness in the legs and arms.
• A bug in the balance and fun.
• The emergence of problems in the ability to speak and communicate.
• Buy and forget about and lack of concentration.
• Lethargy and lack of activity.
• Changes in mood.
• Loss of activity and drowsiness constant.

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Factors causing brain cancer

Although there is no obvious cause of infection in brain cancer, but that doctors had referred to some factors which cause to increase the chance of the occurrence of this disease is the most important of which are the following:

• Having a family history of genetic infection of cancerous growths.
• Radiation therapy.
• The presence of fibrous tumors of the brain.
• Injury to a person’s Burma nerve fibre.
• Know the person sustained serious injuries in the head.
• The use of hormone therapy for a long time.
• Frequent exposure to radiation.
• Exposure to smoking.
• The use of mobile phones for long periods.

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سرطان الدماغ العلاج والتشخيصBrain cancer the most important methods of treatment and diagnosis

How is the diagnosis of brain cancer?

Doctors are trying to diagnose brain cancer as early as possible so you can control and accelerate the treatment of the patient, it is the most important diagnostic methods include the following:

• X-ray on the brain.
• Clinical examination and the symptoms genetic history patients.
• Photography layer and my brain.
• Detection using magnetic resonance.

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Complications of brain cancer

The incidence of cancer of the brain causes the patient feels some complications, and the side effects including the following:
• Patient loses its activity and vitality.
• The occurrence of hernia in the brain can cause death.
• Deterioration in memory and mental and intellectual.
• The occurrence of synchronous growth of the tumor cause lightheadedness, dizziness and fainting.
• Tumor recurrence after healing.
• Complaints of side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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أهم أعراض سرطان الدماغ

The most important symptoms of brain cancer and its treatment methods

The consequences raise the chance of injury

There are some factors that raise the chances of developing cancer of the brain and make some more susceptible than others to this disease, notably the following:

• Having a history of hereditary and familial injury to the paper.
• Older age more likely to develop the disease compared to young age.
• Frequent exposure to radiation ex-lap.

How to treat brain cancer

• The doctor determines the appropriate treatment plan that is commensurate with the age of the patient and size of the tumor and the stage that passes by.
• Treatment of the tumor and remove it surgically in its early stages, through surgery is resection of the tumor provided that the patient is healthy.
• Surgery to get a sample of the tumor for examination is that when you don’t allow the health of the patient surgery ablation.
• The use of chemotherapy and radiation treatment can be done on the stages of either the combined treatment or the treatment of one type separately.
• Treatment with drugs chemicals work to destroy the tumor cells, and transferred through a vein or in the form of oral medication.

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Rehabilitation of the patient after treatment

When is the treatment of a patient of brain cancer it needs special care after the treatment to help him return to his normal life after the treatment to restore his mobility and speech back, where you must follow the following procedures including:

• Subject to the patient’s physical therapy is conducted regularly to help him walk and move normally.
• Psychotherapy helps the patient to return to his normal life.
• The patient is for the talk to help him regain his ability to speak and communicate that have been affected by the tumor.

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