Campaign the previous month

حمل الشهر السابع

حمل الشهر السابع

Dear case, with the beginning of the second trimester of your pregnancy, or you enter the seventh month of pregnancy, you’ll find yourself wondering about a lot of things, including what changes will you? And the changes that impact on the growth of the child? And other things in order to learn us all with regards to the campaign the previous month , keep with us and read the article.

Symptoms of pregnancy the previous month

During the sixth month of pregnancy, will enable the two you and your baby some major changes, and we’ll talk first when the changes might feel, such as discomfort with each passing day and pregnancy. However, don’t feel upset, you’ll find all around you, from relatives and friends, cares about you and provides you with greater care. Recall of symptoms and various changes that could face them during the sixth month of pregnancy the following:

The difficulty of the

Learn your limbs to pressure caused by the growth of the abdomen. You will feel disturbed or change while walking, so that you find yourself walking slowly, and you will find that your legs and assistant for some automatically during the support your belly. How would you feel back pain due to weight gain.

Changes body

When your body starts preparing for the birth, it undergoes several changes. I have included these changes to help you realize how to cope with your pregnancy better, and includes:

  • Due to the growing size of your belly, it will be hard for you to bend. You will suffer from expansion and utilization due to increased blood circulation in the body.
  • Start in a feeling of extreme heat in all weather.
  • With the growth of the baby inside you, put pressure on your bladder more, and buyers desire to urinate frequently.
  • You’ll feel tired, fatigued, shortness of breath, due to the pressure of the fetus on the lungs you have.
  • Will become your titty dark-colored and become your breasts are heavy and many buyers.

The complications of overweight

During the previous month, increase your weight significantly, this may lead to complications, like high blood pressure or gestational diabetes or premature birth or heavy weight at birth for your child, has get to because of the increased weight. In order to avoid such health complications, you will need to eat nutritious food and be active as much as possible. You can also talk to your doctor or nutritionist for proper advice on your diet.

The growth of the baby in the campaign of the previous month

In the seventh month of pregnancy, your baby will begin to pass some of the final stages of its growth and development. Will start your child in gaining more fat. Will the length of your baby is about 36 cm, and weigh nearly 900 until 1800 G. As you will find that your baby’s hearing has developed fully at the end of this month, and it can respond to a lot of different products that are exposed, such as damage and pain. How will your child change the subject frequently. If your child was born in this month, he can stay alive.

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Related topics

Risk of carrying the previous month

Not know we are together on the stages of the growth of the baby during the seventh month of pregnancy, the changes and symptoms which may relate to him in the previous month, we will now on some of the complications and health risks, which may exposed during pregnancy to the previous month, which can you pose some concerns, the mention of these health risks include the following:

  • Bleeding of the gums.
  • The secretion of excess saliva and mucus.
  • Fatigue and headaches.
  • Feeling dizzy dizziness light.
  • Increase the secretions of the vagina.
  • Constipation and stomach problems.
  • You may suffer from forgetfulness frequent, but don’t feel concerned, this show is temporary, and will end later.
  • You may also suffer from heartburn and hemorrhoids.

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Dear readers, we hope to have our article on the campaign of the previous month may come in handy in learn how to manage your pregnancy at that stage better and healthier.

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