Calories in wet


We will talk in this article about the calories in the humidity of the site during the idea that wet is characterized as the oldest trees cultivated in the world and provides many kinds and different and to see it in detail in this article .

What is wet

  • Type of fruits that grow upon the palm be small in size and many kinds and two colors either red or yellow, and is characterized by the fact that it tastes delicious and can be used in confectionery-it contains a lot of minerals and elements and fiber important to the body and human health .

Calories in the wet

  • Retains moisture to 282 calories as there is water wet by 20,53 grams contains moisture also on the protein by 2,45 gram fats are found in the wet by Help 0,39 grams as well as retains moisture on the ratio of carbohydrates help 75,03 grams.
  • It features wet and also dietary fiber is important for the health of the human body by Help 8,0 grams as well as retains moisture also on metals and useful elements like calcium by Help 39 mg, containing wet also on the element of the iron by Cao 1,02 MG also retains moisture on phosphorus by 62 milligrams.
  • There is also potassium in the wet also by Help 656 milligrams a lot of vitamins such as vitamin C, 0.4 milligrams and other important elements .

The nutritional value of the wet

  • Retains moisture on the calcium is useful for bone growth and prevent the occurrence of fragility as well as useful the teeth and help him keep the nails also .
  • Needs moisture, too. protein is important for muscles and tissues and compensate the damaged cells missing .

The benefits of eating wet

  • Retains moisture on the dietary fiber important that benefit the brain and prevent the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases .
  • Helps eating wet and also to make the birth process easy .
  • Help wet also maintaining cardiovascular health and preventing hardening of the Thrombosis arteries .
  • Help wet also in the regulation of blood pressure .
  • Protects the humidity of the nervous system and immune diseases .
  • Has wet a lot of the vitamins important for eye and skin and membranes .
  • Help wet quantities limited protection of digestive disorders and stomach ailments and diarrhea and constipation .
  • It helps eating the wet I have to clean the sugar level in the blood .
  • Wet protects the body from injury and chronic diseases such as cancers of various types .

Damage eating wet

  • Lead wet in large quantities to a lot of diseases such as
  • Leads to eat dates in excessive amounts to the diarrhea where he has wet on sulfates to preserve fruits from damage, but with the intake of a large amount contain these substances lead to diarrhea and bloating as well as stomach gas .
  • And also eating wet and in large quantities to a type of allergic skin rash and and itching .
  • Individuals who suffer from kidney disease you should not eat it .

Wet accursed

  • Helps intake of the humidity to lose weight also get rid of the excess fat located around and through the proper and healthy diet by eating a specific amount to achieve the desired weight can be extra wet for some food the other to make the diet enjoyable .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits of the damage humidity can your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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