Calories in walnuts


We will talk in this article about the calories in the nut through the position of the idea of the nut one of the types of nuts multiple and rich with many elements, growing nut trees, which was the beginning of the marque’s North America, but has spread and it spread after that to reach multiple countries including China, Iran, and California, and in this article we will learn on the benefits and harms and its relationship to Man them .

Calories in walnuts

  • Although up slightly elevated. But she believes that little amount of it as a healthy meal and are very useful as they are rich in vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber .
  • Open the level and quantity of which is equivalent to 28 grams Calories up to 183 kcal, is a large amount of calories but if we look at the benefits on the body will show that it is possible to be considered as a snack to be eaten at night .
  • Walnuts are has Gemini I have many dietary fiber which when eaten cause the sensation of satiety for a long time, so it is recommended to download some love a few of them before each meal to feel human satiety don’t eat much .

Nutritional value for the body

  • There is in one cup of walnuts carbohydrates, which are increased by 3.89 grams .
  • And contains sugar at a ratio of 1 gram, contains dietary fiber by 2 grams .
  • And also contains protein by up to 5 grams, fat 20 grams.
  • And contains calcium by up to 20 milligrams, contains the element of iron by up to 0.72 mg.
  • And sodium, manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and also omega-3 fatty acids, and carbohydrates.

The benefits of Walnut

  • Needs the nut on the minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins which maintain the health of the body as it is rich in omega 3 and antioxidants that protect the body from many diseases.
  • Strength increases the ability of the brain to make the brain aware in the middle of the activity and reduces the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease in the case of attendance on Eat in meals and also put it in salads .
  • Needs the nut on the acids omega-3, gamma tocopherol, and urine phenols and acid seek and phytosterol which are antioxidants that protect the body from cancer .
  • Works walnuts reduce the cholesterol in blood and improves the ability of the blood vessels and prevents blockage of the arteries or buildup of fat on them, thus, the heart works with high efficiency and regular heartbeat .
  • Needs the nut on the minerals needed to build bones and increase their density, especially of copper and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone calcium and protects it from exposure fractures .

Damage to the nut

Eating a lot of it unnecessarily or consciousness cause many damages and these damages :

  • Weight gain due to high calorie intake .
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract accompanied by amply severe to the nut elements of the painting as well as fiber .
  • May cause sensitivity to the mission lead to the appearance of rash and redness of skin and itching.
  • Care should be taken when dealing with kids, where it’s hard for you to get rid of dandruff the existing may cause harm to them .

Walnut oil

  • Is of the most popular types of oils used in moisturizing skin and hair and many uses as it contains elements of the rich, and also boil its price, it is used of the walnuts adds Sometimes to sweets .

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