Calories in tomato


We will talk in this article about the calories in the tomato through the website the idea of the tomato.Think of some kinds of fruit in addition to it does not dispense with it in our daily life where he dealt with large numbers of people and kids so badly, we will learn the benefits of pathologies of tomato as well as the number of calories out .

Calories in tomato

  • Tomato vegetables that are used largely in food and is characterized as very rich in nutrients useful for the body and health, and what distinguishes it the most it is very low in calories of their own, so they are very essential in the case of dieting to lose weight .
  • We find that the tomato fruit of medium size contains only 22 calories and contains 33 calories and this is too few, and if its age some one of them contains only 27 calories, so they are not incompatible with reggae and get out doctors and nutritionists.

The nutritional value in tomatoes

  • Tomatoes contain a high percentage of water and salts, so is not preferred to be addressed heavily by people that suffer from a high rate of salts in its body and its body is adjustable to form stones.
  • Fu to the proportion of water by up to 95%, and the amount of proteins, up to 0.9 grams with 3.9 grams of carbohydrate, the ratio of sugar, 2.6 grams, and 1.2 grams of dietary fiber which cause the sensation of fullness and make you eat large amounts of food, and their ratio of fat very few.
  • Carbohydrates in tomato ratio 123 grams and contains a proportion of sugar of glucose and fructose of up to 70%.
  • Tomatoes also contain vitamin C which is of the most important vitamins needed to increase the immunity of the body and also potassium, vitamin K, folic acid and vitamin B9 which is a very important and necessary in pregnancy .
  • Tomatoes is also rich place and is the basis to give it the color red., also contain beta-carotene and also by the flavonoids, and chlorogenic acid .
  • So we note that tomatoes are rich in nutrients beneficial to health.

Benefits of tomatoes

  • Tomato contains large amount of antioxidants which increase immune system and make the body able to face the disease and overcome it .
  • Maintain the rate of blood pressure .
  • Protect the heart from blood clots and clogged arteries.
  • Reduce blood sugar so they are useful for diabetics .
  • Protection from constipation, and any other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract .
  • Protection of the eye disease macular degeneration, which affects human in the case of age .
  • Protection from cancer

You should not eat more especially by patients salts who suffer from high percentage of salts around because tomatoes contain a high percentage of salts .

Tomato and accursed

  • Tomato characterized by fewer of its heat very low so they are dealt with is very helpful in case you follow the dieting for weight loss and satiety, so it is recommended them in large quantities in the form of vegetable salad at lunch, it caused a sense of not feeling hungry at all.

Have a question about calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of the tomatoes we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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