Calories in the power and benefits of the amazing

السعرات الحرارية في السلطة

السعرات الحرارية في السلطة

It is known that the power of healthy meals important that you should include in your diet, you must eat daily to maintain your health and your weight, so we’ll give you the number of calories in green power and health benefits of the important, keep with us dear reader the following article to find out all the details.

Green power

Think eating salad daily is one of the healthy habits that you can follow and adapt them to enhance your health greatly. Safety is considered a main course in most restaurants, as you can prepare easily in just 5 minutes in your home.

You can prepare the green salad using cheaper ingredients in your home, where you can prepare a dish with integrated safety component of the lettuce, the cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes, as well as add the dressing, treatment of which prevents them taste better.

You can add the dressing treatment of the place of the olive oil andvinegar with the preference of salt, condiments and spices, you can also use mayonnaise or dairy products such as yogurt or sour cream keen for.

In addition to nurses, health-related quality of power, they are considered tastier than cold meals enjoyed by most persons and even children. You can modify and edit as appropriate for you and use what you prefer and what you can buy it from vegetables and fruit. You know, with us now on the number of calories in a green salad.

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Calories in green power

When you eat a plate average of green power, equivalent to 241 grams it contains 99 calories, in addition it contains a percentage of fat, protein, sodium, potassium and carbohydrates.

Containing the same amount on a high percentage of vitamin A, and vitamin C, calcium and iron, that means you said calories in green power the higher the interest rate belonging to the body of them.

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The benefits of the health authority

السعرات الحرارية في السلطة

السعرات الحرارية في السلطة

In addition to the lack of calories in the peace they have multiple health benefits because they contain nutrients very important to the human body, its benefits include the following:

The benefits of fiber in power

The power of foods very rich in fiber that helps to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood and prevent constipation, as Can eating a lot of fiber gives a feeling of fullness and satiety.

The benefits of vegetables and fruit in peace

Helps eat salads rich in vegetables to get a greater percentage of antioxidants that protect the body from damage, also that vegetables help to protect against many diseases such as cancer.

Weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight you must start your meal eating a sufficient amount of green power, due to the lack of calories in the negative which is what helps the feeling of satiety without getting a large amount of calories during the meal.

Get fat few health

You can eat salads and get a good ratio of healthy fats, such as those fats found in olive oil that can be added to the goods, as well as avocado , nuts that can be added with the vegetables, which helps the body absorb phytochemicals, like lycopene from tomatoes andlutein from dark green vegetables.

This helps protect you from heart disease and cancer, have demonstrated some research for Italian to persons who reach the age of 60 years or older, and have a lot of power added to it olive oil, fall between the their mortality rate to a great extent.

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In the end, dear reader, after to know the number of calories in the safety and health benefits of the amazing, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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