Calories in sugar cane juice


We will talk in this article about the calories in the juice of the story through the website the idea that the juice of the story is known as one of a beverage known and popular in the world there is in all states but in Africa and Asia and to see it in detail in this article .

What is the juice of the story

  • The juice of the story is characterized by the taste of his delicious pictures and must eat it while it’s fresh or you’ll talk to me. alcohol enters the cane juice in the sugar industry or the manufacture of vinegar or the honey industry, and grows the story in warm areas and needs to the amount of water too great for the growth as well as needs a loam soil for its cultivation .

Calories in the juice of the story

  • Juice contains the story on the high percentage of calorie intake by 111,43 calories it needs to juice the story on the carbohydrates by 27,40 grams and also the proportion of protein to help 0,20 grams, contains also the juice of the story on a small percentage of fat help 0,09 grams .
  • And a high percentage of calcium help 32,57 mg and also contains a juice story on the ratio of potassium 162,86 mg, and it also has phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, and other minerals and elements, vitamins, and other elements and minerals beneficial to health and the human body .

The nutritional value of the juice of the story

  • Contains calcium which helps strengthen teeth and bones .
  • It contains a proportion of protein that helps to build cells and to compensate the damaged ones .
  • Creates a juice story of depression and improves mood .
  • Helps protect hair from the shopping and keep on the nail .

The benefits of drinking the juice of the story

  • Says Cane Juice purifies the liver and kidneys of salts and doctors of the patient of kidney and liver condition the right amount of them even helps them to get rid of the salts in their body .
  • The juice helps the story in the treatment of depression, improve mood and reduce the feeling of fatigue and stress .
  • Strengthen bones and protect them from vulnerability as well as protect the teeth from decay and tolerance .
  • Says the juice of the story to protect the people and humans and the survival of their freshness and radiance to a dull complexion .
  • Helps protect the body from diseases of the throat infections .
  • The juice helps the story maintain sugar levels in the body .
  • Says the juice of the story the protection of the gastrointestinal tract of diseases of the stomach, indigestion, etc .
  • Holds juice the story the body from many kinds of crabs which contains some antioxidants strong .
  • Reduce cholesterol and fats in the body .
  • Cane juice protects against the occurrence of heart disease and atherosclerosis .

Damage drinking the juice of the story

  • If the intake of cane juice in large quantities and excessively it causes many health problems such as
  • Drink the juice of the story may lead to damage for diabetics .
  • May lead to drink it also to feeling light-headed, as well as the inability to sleep .
  • Cause gastrointestinal problems to the difficulty of digestion .

The juice of the story are

  • Contains sugar cane on many of the elements and fiber that make you feel full and helps weight loss because it contains no calories as well as it contains fat, if eaten in limited quantities according to a proper diet and healthy will lead purpose without any counterproductive and undesirable.

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of the juice of the story we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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