Calories in Prickly Pear


We will talk in this article about the calories in prickly pears through the site, the idea that the prickly pear is found in many of the states may enter in the confectionery industry and benefits of damage and to see it in detail in this article .

What is prickly pear

  • The prickly pear is also known as the Cactus found in Mexico and the United States of America as we mentioned, enters in the manufacture of many foods and sweets contain a lot of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and components features a veneer to his spinal cord, which make us cautious when eating.

Calories in prickly pears

  • Contains prickly pear calories equal to 41 calories a proportion of the water in Prickly Pear help 87,5 G, and has the prickly pear also on the ratio of the protein contribute to 0,75 G includes the prickly pear also on the carb up to 9.5 grams.
  • Contains prickly pear as well on the fiber by help of 3.6 grams, there are many minerals and elements useful in the prickly pear such as the element calcium in the prickly pear by 56 milligrams as well as magnesium, which is 85 mg, and provides soda also in the prickly pear by equal to 5 milligrams potassium, is increased by 220 milligrams a lot of vitamins useful for the health and the human body .

Nutritional value of figs

  • Contains prickly pear calcium which helps bone formation and growth and protection from osteoporosis and strengthen the teeth .
  • There is a useful protein for hair growth and cells, tissues and muscles as well as nails .

The benefits of eating the prickly pear

  • Helps intake of prickly pear on the protection from diseases and viruses to the serious protection of the immune system .
  • Eating figs helps to adjust sugar level in blood .
  • Lead prickly pear to protect against heart disease and diseases of the Thrombosis arteries and blood vessels .
  • Help the prickly pear on the protection of the gastrointestinal tract of diseases of the stomach such as constipation, diarrhea and other digestion techniques .
  • Helps intake of prickly pear on the protection of the nervous system and Prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s and nerve spasms, etc .
  • Supply the body with energy to act and prevent it from getting severe stress .
  • Eating figs helps to reduce the cholesterol in the body .
  • Creates a prickly pear from the toxins present in the body and protect the liver and kidneys .
  • Says the prickly pear protection from cancers of various .
  • Also contains zinc important to skin and maintain its survival and brightening it .
  • Includes prickly pear calcium is useful for bone and teeth .

Damage eating the prickly pear

Is eating the prickly pear in great quantities to the occurrence of diseases and symptoms, such as :

  • Affect the intake of prickly pear by health and body and leads to diseases such as bloating, constipation, nausea and diarrhea .
  • Is eating figs from dangerous things on the bus and her child .
  • Should diabetics not to eat it because it reduces the level of sugar .

Prickly pear accursed

  • Figs contain the spinal sources of the oxidative stress that help increase fat burning .
  • It contains few calories and low-fat helps in dieting and excess weight but when you follow a proper diet and healthy .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of the prickly pear we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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