Calories in pistachio


We will talk in this article about the calories in pistachios through the website of idea that pistachios contain many important nutrients and features a taste of its sweet and we will learn them in detail in this article .

What is pistachio

  • Pistachio is one of the small trees which contain a lot of nutritional benefits important for the health of the human body and his home and his native place in Asia, and offers in all markets, with many things different .
  • Like peeled pistachios, corruption and non-peeled and roasted pistachios and salted pistachios is pistachio of delicious foods rich in minerals, vitamins and important elements .

Calories in pistachio

  • Contains pistachio on 159 calories as well as contains pistachio on the ratio of protein to help 5,72 G and the proportion of fat help 12,8 G contains also the ratio of carbohydrates help 7,7 grams, fiber orientation by 3 grams and contains pistachio, too, the ratio of sugars to help 2,17 grams.
  • A lot of minerals, vitamins and important elements for the health and the human body, including iron offers in pistachio by 1,11 MG as well as phosphorus by 139 milligrams and potassium by 291 milligrams and also provides magnesium increased by 34,3 milligrams .
  • Corruption also contains 0,369 mg contains sodium and is also by 0,284 mg and other saturated and unsaturated fats .

Nutritional value of pistachio

  • Contains pistachio calcium which helps strengthen bones and teeth .
  • Helps to protect against heart disease and blood vessels and arteries .
  • Useful for his situation and down to Earth .
  • Help pistachio also in controlling and regulating blood pressure .

The benefits of eating pistachios

  • Contains pistachio on the copper component, which helps to protect the immune system from numerous diseases and protect bone and also as well as the protection of blood vessels .
  • Contains Pistachio, which contains a lot of vitamins is important to maintain the integrity of blood brain and nervous system .
  • Contains pistachio on the element phosphorus, which helps in regulating heartbeat .
  • Also helps to configure and build cells, muscles, and compensate the damaged ones .
  • Try pistachio on the digestive system and protect it from chronic diseases such as inflammation of the stomach and other .
  • Also helps to lower the sugar level in the blood .
  • Contains pistachio on minerals and elements and fiber is important for pregnant women .

Damage eating pistachios

  • Is eating pistachios in large quantities of the dangerous things that leads to a lot of diseases such as :
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure and also diseases strokes .
  • Contains some material that may some people are allergic and may eventually lead to abdominal pain, bloating, nausea .
  • A lot of diseases and other such as :
  • Diarrhea, inability to swallow as well as itching in the mouth and eyes .
  • Not being able to breathe .
  • The occurrence of bulges in the abdomen, constipation and difficulty in digestion and can affect the colon because his shell is external .

Pistachio and accursed

Can eat pistachios but in small quantities when you follow a proper diet and healthy where you found that it helps to burn fat .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits and the negatives of pistachios we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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