Calories in persimmons


We will talk in this article about the calories in khaki by site the idea that persimmons are a fruit there are on the circular shape are found in all parts of the world and there are no benefits to damage and to see them in detail in this article.

What khaki

  • Is a tropical fruit found on a circular shape as it resembles a tomato in shape was her native China, but she moved then and planted in many countries and places such as California and the United States of America and also contain minerals and elements and dietary fiber is important for the health and the human body .

Calories in persimmons

  • Needs khaki on calories by 118 calories and khaki also on the protein by 1 gram includes a khaki and also the carbohydrates by Help 31,2 gram, and the proportion of fat too J khaki by 0,3 grams .
  • No dietary fiber is important for the health of the human body by Help 6 g and the elements and minerals is important and useful, such as the element potassium, which is increased by 270 milligrams, and in khaki, too. manganese, 0.6 mg and khaki too. I copper up to 0,2 MG also contain khaki vitamins beneficial to health .

The nutritional value of the car

  • Containing persimmons on the elements and minerals that help to maintain the integrity of the cardiovascular system .
  • Adjust the level of sugar in the body .
  • Helps eating persimmons to cleanse the digestive tract and keep it from diseases and toxins .

Benefits of eating persimmons

  • Try khaki on the skin and protect it from the report of the inflammation and rest on their freshness and beauty .
  • Cleanse the liver and kidneys of toxins and waste products .
  • Download nervous system diseases Alzheimer’s and nerve spasms, etc .
  • Protect the immune system from chronic diseases such as cancers of various types .
  • Strengthen bones and the growth and protection of the vulnerable, maintain the growth of nails also .
  • Contain the rate of protein useful for hair and help in growth and increase its density and its length .
  • Helps eating persimmons on the protection of the joints .
  • Also help khaki on the protection of the health of the eye .
  • Eating Persimmon helps to reduce the cholesterol in the body .
  • Helps my eating persimmons to increase sexual desire in men .
  • Lead eating persimmons to prevent numbness of the fingers .
  • Khaki also help give the body the energy necessary performance of its functions and a feeling of fatigue and severe stress .
  • Help khaki also prevent the appearance of dark circles under the eyes .

Damage eating persimmons

  • Lead eating persimmons in large quantities and excessive to a lot of diseases such as :
  • Prefer not to eat persimmons heavily during pregnancy as it may hurt the fetus and the mother .
  • Perform khaki and also to lower blood pressure when ingested heavily so should people who suffer from low blood pressure after eating .
  • Warns paint also eat persimmons before surgical operations because they affect the blood pressure .

Khaki accursed

  • Helps to eat Persimmon in limited quantities and depending on the proper diet and healthy to reach your desired weight because they contain fiber that helps to burn fat very quickly as well as contain a small percentage of calories, cholesterol and contains vitamins and minerals that help to satiety and fullness, which helps get rid of excess weight easily .

Who has queries about the calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of khaki we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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