Calories in Orange


We will talk in this article about the calories in Orange through the location of the idea that Orange is considered of the most famous fruits, the tail of the bait delicacy contains many minerals and elements useful to the body and to see it in detail in this article .

What is the Orange

  • They grow oranges in regions warm and the native who found it the first time is in Asia, is characterized by the presence of water and carbohydrates and a lot of elements and minerals, dietary fiber and vitamins .

Calories found in Orange

  • Oranges contain 45 calories as oranges also contain a large proportion of the water will help 83,28 G contains orange also on the ratio of protein help of 0.90 grams .
  • Orange also on the ratio of fat to help 0,12 grams Carbohydrates are found in Orange by 11,28 G contains orange fiber food beneficial to health and the human body by acceleration of 2.3 g, and has orange also on the ratio of sugars to help 8,98 G-it contains a lot of elements and minerals beneficial.
  • Like the element potassium offers by 174 milligrams as well as oranges contain the element of calcium by 38 milligrams, and provides phosphorylation in the Orange by 13 milligrams, and has orange too. I have magnesium by 10 mg and other vitamins and minerals important for the health of the human body .

Nutritional value of Orange

  • Oranges contain calcium which is useful in the growth of the bone and break it or you know osteoporosis as well as helping to protect teeth from decay and falls and keeps on nails .
  • Needs as well as Orange on the useful protein for the body in building cells and tissues, muscles, and compensate the damaged ones .
  • The protection of the gastrointestinal of many diseases .

The benefits of eating oranges

  • Helps eating oranges reduce the risk of injury to obesity to his stroke .
  • It protects the Orange from the occurrence of chronic diseases such as heart disease, blood vessels and arteries and hardening them .
  • Oranges contain vitamins and fiber important to that protect from injury the different types of cancers .
  • Trying orange too. I have healthy and beautiful skin .
  • Contains protein to strengthen hair and help him .
  • Think Orange is rich in citric acid, which help in preventing the formation on the kidneys and helps in the purification of the kidneys and liver of toxins in the body .
  • Also helps the Orange in lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood .
  • Helps oranges also control and regulate the blood in the body .
  • Try Orange on the health of brain and protect it from many diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases .

Damage eating oranges

  • Is eating oranges in large quantities and the limit to many diseases such as :
  • Over-eating in large quantities leads G to increase the weight .
  • Oranges contain a large proportion of the campaign that eventually lead to stomach ulcers .
  • Increase the intake of Orange lead to constipation .
  • Lead the Orange to the occurrence of diseases of the stomach such as ulcers, stomach cramps and infections .
  • Thus, eating large amounts also to the formation of stones in the body .

Orange accursed

Helps to oranges to reduce weight because it contains fat is low as well as the proportion of sugars is low then it is help to slimming, but when eaten in limited quantities and depending on the proper diet helps too orange on burning large amounts of cholesterol, contains vitamins and fiber which help you feel full .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits and the negatives of the Orange we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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