Calories in live age


We will talk in this article about the calories in the The Living age by position the idea that the living age is a kind of bread is made of wheat and the benefits of the damage and to see it in detail in this article.

What is the live age

  • The living age is a bread made of wheat which is also known as the brown bread contains fiber, minerals and elements are important and useful for the human body and health, but it has some damage also .

The components of the living age

  • Consists of living age of wheat and barley and in its composition, the water and salt and yeast .

The benefits of living age

  • Creates a eat to live the age of the constipation chronic.
  • It helps intake of live age to control and regulate the blood level in the body .
  • Lead eating living Age also to regulate the cholesterol in the body .
  • Helps the The Living age also in the treatment of digestive problems including indigestion and diarrhea as well as stomach ulcerations and infections .
  • Help the living Age on cleaning the gall bladder and help in increasing the absorption of water and eject waste products from the body .
  • Protects the livelihoods of the elderly from chronic diseases such as cancers, heart disease, vascular disease and thrombosis arteries .
  • Has living elderly protein is important for building cells and tissues, muscles, and compensate the damaged ones and keep the nails also .
  • Protects the nervous system diseases Alzheimer’s and nerve spasms .
  • Helps intake of live age I have to protect the immune system from dangerous diseases .
  • Eating living age, helps to stimulate memory and brain cells .
  • Helps intake of live hands-on feeling of satiety and fullness and thus helps to lose excess weight .
  • Helps intake of live age give the body the energy necessary to perform its functions actively and vitality without feeling tired and severe stress .
  • Prevents the intake of live the age of kidney stone formation on the kidneys .
  • Helps to take out toxins from the body and the effect on the liver and kidneys and keep them .

Damage eating the living age

Thus, eating the living age, in large quantities to some diseases such as :

  • Prevent the absorption of important elements to the body such as calcium, iron and other elements is important and useful for the human body and health .
  • Adversely affect the diabetics when you eat in large quantities .
  • Thus, eating the living age, injury to the human digestive illnesses, including chronic constipation when taken in large quantities for a consecutive .
  • Feel human fragility in the bones, and leads to the presence of anemia as well as fall and in the teeth .
  • Lead intake in large quantities is also to the pain in the joints and headaches and infections and leads to the occurrence of colon also .
  • Increase the intake in excessive amounts may lead to the occurrence of obesity .
  • Lead also to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and thrombosis of the arteries and other diseases .

Living age accursed

  • Because the living Age contains a small percentage of cholesterol, it helps reduce the fat percentage, easily and burning quickly .
  • Helps the feeling of satiety and fullness because it contains a proportion of fibers which help in that but must be eaten in limited quantities and depending on the proper diet and healthy to reach the desired weight .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of the living age we can your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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