Calories in hummus


We will talk in this article about the calories in hummus by position the idea of the hummus is delicious and extremely healthy as it is added to many meals which earns them a wonderful taste and rarely eat alone, he is one of the most popular types of legumes are known, and in this article we will address the benefits and pathologies of chickpea and its relationship to the page.

What is hummus

  • Is a type of legumes and gives a distinct taste when.Add it to salads or potatoes or pasta, drink, some say making soup of it, others say grind it after roasting it and got him. companies to increase their thickness is an element rich in nutrients is very large.

Calories in hummus

  • Humus contains a high proportion of proteins, so eating is exploitation for eggs or meat because the body by about half the amount that the body needs of protein per day .
  • It has a cup filled with humus on the number of calories up to 269 kcal, we must be aware that hummus contains most of the nutrients necessary for the human body .

Nutritional value in hummus

  • Has hummus on dietary fiber ratio of about 12 grams, it also contains healthy fats not harmful by 4 grams and contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and also thiamine and vitamin B6 .
  • Folic acid, which is one of the most important acids necessary for pregnant women to prevent the occurrence of abnormalities for, and the hummus is rich in vitamin E, and vitamin K.
  • And also there’s vitamin A, and vitamin c is one of the most important vitamins which strengthen the immune system, and chickpeas rich in minerals that the body needs badly, and has hummus on calcium and 79 milligrams of magnesium and 276 Milli gram of phosphorus, and contain potassium, and 4.7 milligrams of iron, and rich in elements of zinc, copper and manganese.

Hummus and accursed

  • The hummus is rich and very useful and causes the sensation of satiety for a long time too, as it helps to burn fat and lower bad cholesterol in the body so the process to lose weight easy and simple, in order to be successful must be added the chickpeas to the food inspector of the authorities, pasta boiled in order to become useful to it and saturated it .
  • Are a good alternative to meat is rich in protein, careful to use small amounts of them so as not to be the calories consumed large becomes counterproductive and increases the weight .

The benefits of chickpeas

  • Very rich in fiber, helping to improve the efficiency of the digestive and intestinal tract and reduce the incidence of constipation .
  • Reduce the proportion of harmful cholesterol, increase the cholesterol useful.
  • Reduce the rate of sugar in blood at diabetics .
  • Rich in minerals that maintain the health and safety of the teeth, nails and bones and protect bones from cracks and fractures .
  • Reduce the hair loss and dry skin .
  • Improve the efficiency of the heart and the regularity of blood circulation.
  • Has hummus on antioxidants that increase the efficiency of the immune system and become able to face different diseases .
  • Protection of of cancer.
  • To improve the hormonal system as well as improve the ability of the liver inside and increase the efficiency of the kidneys .
  • Lose weight and burn accumulated fat, because it causes a feeling of satiety for a long time make human me about food a lot.

Have a question about calories or nutritional value or benefits of the disorders, the chickpeas we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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