Calories in duck meat


We will talk in this article about the calories in duck meat through the site the idea that duck meat is a kind of meat a tasty note where it is suspected that the best species in red meat and is characterized as useful for photos and to see them in detail in this article.

What is duck meat

  • Duck meat is a kind of meat is useful and it is characterized by high calories, fat and protein, and the presence of a high proportion of elements and minerals beneficial for human health and must figure out the calories where if you follow the diet .

Calories in duck meat

  • There are a lot of calories in duck meat by 100 calories, and it also has amount of fat by 5 grams and a ratio of 5 grams of saturated fat and are found in the duck meat ratio of cholesterol equal to 20 mg, and also on important elements like the element sodium 40 mg and the duck meat on the ratio of carbohydrates, 13 milligrams a lot of useful elements for human health .

The nutritional value of the meat duck

  • There ratio of protein in duck meat, which helps the growth of the body and the feeling of satiety and maintain health as well as is useful for hair growth .
  • Contains duck meat also contains a lot of elements and vitamins, fats and minerals, which help give the body the energy necessary to perform its functions such as potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, helps to concentrate and not feel tired and stress .

The benefits of eating duck meat

  • Helps to maintain important functions, mental and physical .
  • Increases sex drive in men .
  • Helps the digestive system to perform its role in the digestion of food and prevents the occurrence of indigestion and my stomach healthy .
  • Protect your body and immune system diseases because it contains important elements like zinc and other important elements .
  • Prevents high blood pressure in the body .
  • Prevent the occurrence of anemia the body .
  • Helps to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels or arteries .
  • As well as helps in growth of muscles, organs and tissues .

Types of ducks

  • There are many types of the abdomen including (duck Damietta, the duck of Rouen, and card Sudan, duck, Muscovy, the duck, Indian duck, Chinese duck, Iraqis, and duck browned, and the length of homes, the duck, Brie, and duck man, and duck nautical, Ducks, poultry, and Peking duck, and duck hope the sky, duck, fresh water,…….And other species ).

Damage eating duck meat

  • In spite of the benefits provided by the duck meat but it leads to damages or diseases of the many hurt human health, due to the presence of a high proportion of cholesterol to the meat of the duck as well as the presence of a high proportion of fat it is a danger to people who suffer from diabetes and diseases of the stomach .

Duck meat are

  • Due to the presence of a high percentage of cholesterol and fats as well as saturated fat in duck meat can not follow the diet in there, because it leads to increase the proportion of fat in the body and therefore a rise in the size and shape of the body significantly so it is imperative to stay away from them if we want the success of our diet .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of the duck meat we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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