Calories in cheese, Roma


We will talk in this article about the calories in front of the Roma through the site, the idea that cheeses people eat in all the world in all diets and all ways and forms, whether in sandwiches or enter into the composition of dishes such as pizza and to see them in detail in this article .

السعر الحرارية في الجبنه الرومي

السعر الحرارية في الجبنه الرومي

What cheese Roma

  • Is a type of cheese made from the milk of cow or buffalo milk and it takes the preparation of cheese Roma a very long time and often manufactured in Egypt and ways to particular storage to prevent rot or damage .

Calories in cheese, Roma

  • It is known for the front of the Roma to be manufactured takes a long time as well as contain salt and milk are so that contains high calories so contains 116 calories and as also contain proteins but does not contain any fiber and carbohydrates .

The benefits of eating cheese and Roma

  • Contain a lot of benefits that helps in building the human body as it contains calcium which is very beneficial for the bones and also contains proteins, phosphorus and gluten free .
  • That may befall the Human some health problems help digestion because they contain salt, enzymes milk, but there is a downside sometimes. what percentage of sodium in the cheese, so must be considered non-occurrence of health problems such as high blood pressure and protect the stomach from ulcers and infections to protect the gastrointestinal tract as well as protection from osteoporosis .

Nutritional value in front of the Roma

Containing front of the Roma on the value of his food high like contain I :

  • 110 calories, 69 calories from fat, fat, 7.6 grams and the saturated fat by 4.8 fats unsaturated also increased by 0,2 and copy it from cholesterol and are 29 factors grams carbohydrate 1 gram and sodium by 340 and also of protein, 9 grams movie percent as well as calcium 30 percent iron was .

Hit the eating cheese Roma

  • Because they contain large amount of cholesterol it will lead to damage and diseases too much such as heart disease, vascular disease, and overweight, hypertension as well as diabetes also contain carcinogenic compounds as a result of poor storage and leads directly to infection of cancer .

Alternatives can be approached instead from the front. Roma

  • You can eat many of the alternatives that do not cause diseases to humans such as cottage cheese contain little calories and fat it is also useful for weight loss and strengthening the muscles, bones, and adjust the rate of insulin in the body .

The front of the Roma are

Though not of the useful foods that can be ingested but can be ingested in food regulations, but in limited quantities to protect the body and prevent diseases but the front of the Roma can not be tested in the diet or diet because it contains high calories and cholesterol high, where doctors are advised to eat soft cheeses soft as it contains fat, salt and set few calories that help the proper diet slim and healthy .

Has the inquiry about the calories or nutritional value or benefits of the damage to the front of the Roma we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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