Calories in cheese, feta


We will talk in this article about the calories in cheese and feta cheese through the website of the the idea that cream cheese such as feta, found a blockbuster large of large numbers of people due to the taste of a hearty and tasty we will address in this article disadvantages and benefits and their relationship are .

What is feta cheese

  • Is cheese manufactured in Greece from sheep’s milk and goat’s milk, whether it’s creating them or using sheep’s milk alone provided it does not increase the proportion of goat milk is about 30%, and are manufactured in America from cow’s milk, there are many flavors of full-fat and low-fat, including skim to become for use in diets to lose weight .

Benefits of feta cheese

Contain many of the vitamins and minerals necessary for human health, for example, contain :

  1. Acid conjugated linoleic acid CLA a fatty acid enters in the composition of vehicles that are used in the treatment of cancer, therefore, it is reported that the state of Japan to the least developed countries hardest hit by the epidemic, especially breast cancer because the feta cheese is available abundantly in their food they are rich in antioxidants also.
  2. Contain large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and the amount of calcium and twice the amount of phosphorous which are proper amounts to keep the bones, muscles and nerves, to help improve their performance and prevent injury fracture or arthritis.
  3. Riboflavin, which is used in the treatment of headaches .
  4. Bacteria Lactobacillus necessary to maintain the health of the immune and digestive system .
  5. It is also a carbohydrate, and cholesterol, and proteins.
  6. And I have a large amount of sodium for this you must drink a lot of water while taking them to avoid injury salts .

Calories in feta cheese

  • Contains 10 grams of feta cheese on the 26.4 kcal, 1.42 grams protein, 2.13 grams of fat, carbohydrates, 49.3 Milli gram of calcium, 0.07 full grams iron, 111.6 full gram of sodium, vitamin C, a final ascorbic acid, cholesterol 8 Milli grams .

The amount of minerals existing in the 10G are :

  • Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, fluoride, fat, fatty acids, the final saturated, protein, and tryptophan.

Damages feta cheese

  • Enter in the manufactured quantities of oils, vegetable fats, and saturated fats that harm the heart and affect the blood vessels and arteries, and lead also to diabetes, and also the ratio of the emulsions containing sodium phosphate that harm the kidneys, as there is potassium phosphate, which cause diarrhea and irregular stomach and many disorders do .

Fitch are

  • Is feta cheese food ideal for those who wish to lose their weight because they don’t contain too many calories, as fats contain small amounts of them, as it tastes good, no harm taken, but in limited quantities where 10 grams of feta cheese I have 1.64 calories from carbohydrates, 19.17 calories from fat, 5.68 calories from protein, a calorie 26.49 kcal.
  • But P although the types of these implement the diet but you don’t have a lot of it because it is useful in general and must rely on natural factors more heavily.

Have a question about calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of cheese feta we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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