Calories in beans


We will talk in this article about the calories in the beans through the location of the idea of the bean meal integrated and very useful it is also known since ancient times, has spread in Egyptian society it is Meal Simple and their price affordable, we will learn the benefits of pathologies of beans, its calories also .

Way to prepare beans

  • The bean is a popular under the first class in the Egyptian society laws very in the breakfast room where is prepared the beans with pepper, salt, cumin, vinegar, lemon, garlic and oil or butter to a meal and integrated as that of legumes and can replace the proteins resulting from a meat .

Calories in beans

  • Calories not high much where we find that 100 grams of boiled beans by a number of calories, which 110 calories, while if the bean info Vickers by 71 kcal .
  • If the bean addict with a spoon of oil Vickers by 255 kcal and if it is oil-free so calories, about 210 calories only, so we find that its calories are not high, but it represents a meal is integrated and useful to its saturated it .

Nutritional value in Bean

  • Beans and legumes are rich in dietary fiber that fills the stomach and are digested easily, so depends on you in the meal suhoor in the holy month of Ramadan, even remain in the stomach for a long time and not quickly digested and thus are not feeling hungry only after a long period and find that beans contain protein by up to 39.18 grams, dietary fiber increased by 37.5 grams and that of calcium not milligrams .
  • And also water by 16.47 grams, vitamin B-6 ratio of 0.549 milligrams, with folic acid which is necessary to protect embryos from the displacement of scripts of 8.55 grams phosphorus ratio of 632 milligrams, vitamin K and also potassium, iron, your weight, and carbohydrates increased by 87.44 grams, and magnesium, and niacin, and thiamin, and riboflavin and fatty acids saturated by up to 0.381 grams.

Bean accursed

  • Beans very useful when dieting to lose weight set his heat very low and nutritional value high, so all the doctors and nutritionists advise eating five to six tablespoons for breakfast sense of ownership of the knowledge and not feeling hungry after a short period.

The preparation of the beans to become more convenient Reggie world looks like this :

  • Is boil a medium amount of beans and two cups, and then placed six of the garlic cloves then mash it to give the beans a wonderful taste and then add salt, cumin, pepper and lemon and then put the amount of money suitable .

The benefits of beans

  • Beans food is very beneficial to increase the efficiency of the nervous system .
  • Rich bean growth hormone which is very essential for children as it helps to strengthen muscles and gives the body Guo demanded to make him able to practice different activities in his daily life .
  • Protect the body from blood clots.
  • Increase cardiovascular strength and increase their activity and the distribution of blood to different parts of the body is different .
  • Contains a large amount of antioxidants which protect the body from cancer, especially cancer of the mouth .
  • Says the beans and adjust the sugar in the blood .

Have a question about calories or nutritional value or benefits of the pathologies of the beans we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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